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Monday, August 19, 2013

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Peninsula School of Art, Door County, Wisconsin

I spent five days in Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin in early August, teaching another Watercolor Journaling Workshop at the Peninsula School of Art. Their campus is so lovely with trees, flower gardens, gazebo and sculptures everywhere. The architecture is pleasing and the people friendly. Eight people had registered for the class and the first day they arrived full of excitement. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and it pretty much rained all that first day.

But most of the morning was taken up with drawing and painting lessons and exercises and we found views from the windows of the gardens outside to sketch in the afternoon. The other two days could not have been more perfect. A bit overcast in the mornings, the afternoons were lovely and comfortably cool. We started out in downtown Fish Creek, carpooled to Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Peninsula State Park on Tuesday and on Wednesday did still lifes in the morning and spent the afternoon in Ephraim that culminated in a stop at Wilson's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor - a landmark in Ephraim for over a hundred years - for a frozen treat. It started to feel more like a girl's weekend than a workshop and it was just so much fun.

Students focusing on their exercises

Drawing and Painting Exercises and Journaling (above and below)

Martha using her waterbrush and painting the view outside the door

A break in the rain allowed us to go outside for a while on Monday afternoon (above and below)

Students journal pages of the gardens and flowers 
Observing and capturing images outside the Hide-Side Corner Market  (above and below)

Jane journaling at the Fish Creek Marina

Jane and Jean at Peninsula State Park, sketching the lighthouse

I asked everyone to draw and paint the lighthouse - each from their own unique perspective 
Student journal pages from around Fish Creek

I bought vegetables from the Fish Creek Market for the class to sketch and paint

Student journal pages of peppers, onions and tomatoes, with a lemon thrown in!

Traditional end of workshop group photo!

Jean sketching near Anderson's Dock, Green Bay 

Jessica sketching at Anderson's Dock

Liz sketching boats 
Jane writing about the historic log cabin she just sketched, getting ready to paint 
Jane sat on a bench to sketch the log cabin...
...Martha sat on the lawn!

Student journal pages and spreads from our day in Ephraim, Door County, at Anderson's Dock 

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