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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recent Visit to New York City

Bob's sister Theresa and her husband Mike who currently live and work in Chicago, were in New York City on business several weeks ago and we arranged to meet up. We stayed in an Airbnb on the upper west side, an area we hadn't explored till this visit and we had a great time. Bob and Theresa went to do some geneology searches and I set out on my own to do some sketching. Since we were downtown, I wandered over to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked part of the way across, stopping to sketch the bridge and the views and enjoying this gorgeous day. I later walked all the way across and met them in DUMBO (an acronym for the area "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass") and had lunch at a stylish pizza joint and perused the hip shops popping up in this once seedy manufacturing area of New York. We had ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and took the Water Taxi back to Manhatten, later meeting them in Harlem for dinner. A great day!

Click here for even more about the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here's my photo essay with necessary commentary in no particular order:

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. I think they were painting above

Apparently you can walk across all the bridges in NY. Locals and tourists,
walkers and bikers share the walkway. Languages heard span the globe.

Walking right under the iconic structure built in 1883.

Bob and Theresa. Waiting for the Water Taxi to take us back
across the East River to downtown Manhattan

View from the Bridge

The Water Taxi, Lower Manhattan and the new World Trade Center,
and the Brooklyn Bridge

DUMBO (the neighborhood, not my husband)

More views

Xu Bing's amazing sculpture "Phoenixes" made from construction
trash at St. John the Divine Church, upper west side of Manhattan. 

New York Cityscape

French Connection anyone?

Driving home to Delaware "drive by shooting" signs

NYC Graffitti

More cityscape, overpasses and bridges

My sketch of the view of Manhattan I had from the Brooklyn Bridge
followed by more journal pages I did that day, self-explanatory.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sailing on the Kalmar Nyckel

Recently we enjoyed a 2-1/2 hour cruise on the Kalmar Nyckel, a replica of the 1600s era Tall Ship that brought the first Dutch settlers to Delaware. The original Kalmar Nyckel made four roundtrip crossings of the Alantic between 1637 and 1645, more than any other vessel of its era. Click here for the history of the original ship. This replica was build at the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation's shipyard in Wilmington, after extensive research that took a number of years, starting with a dream in the 1980s and 90s. The ship was constructed from 1995 to 1997 under the supervision of Master Shipwright Allen C. Rawl. 

Our friend Andy Shaw, shipwright/woodworker also worked on the project. According to their website "The new Kalmar Nyckel sails daily from April to November, voyaging over 3,000 nautical miles each year. She sails from her home port in Wilmington, her second port in Lewes, Delaware, and visits ports-of-call along the Eastern Seaboard from Virginia to New England. The ship is served by a crew of 300 active volunteers and USCG-certified officers, including the ship’s captain, a relief captain, first mate, and second mate/lead educator.  In addition to sailing, the volunteer crew maintains the ship each winter season and delivers much of the Foundation’s educational program throughout the year. 

As a full-scale and faithful re-creation of Peter Minuit’s original flagship that founded the colony of New Sweden on the Delaware, the new Kalmar Nyckel provides a unique platform for the Foundation’s educational programming as well as a venue for diplomatic, recreational, governmental, and commemorative functions 
— a sea-going “good will ambassador” for the state of Delaware."

And boy was it fun to sail on! Here's my photo essay, to give you an idea of what it felt like. (Be sure to click on each photo to see the whole image) 

Side of the ship at the dock

Lewes Ferry Terminal, Kalmar Nyckel docks here August to early September

Looking up

Rosemary posing in front of the Tall Ship a few days earlier

Bob shooting details

Bob sharing a laugh with the Cook

The Lewes Cape May Ferry returning 
Sails and rigging

Flying the Colors

Happy Sailing Man

I had so much fun photographing the sails etc

Ran into fellow artist Christine Heyes (center, black sweater) and husband
celebrating their Wedding Anniversary!

Sunset on the Bay

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Carlos Alves's Mosaics at Milwaukee's Mitchell Airport

Bob and I recently visited our daughter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, flying in and out of George Mitchell  Airport. Since Jessica had to work on the day of our departure, she dropped us off early and I had time to wander around and really look at and take photos of the beautiful mosaics on the floors of Concourse "C". This project was part of the 1% for public art program. They mosaics were installed and debuted when Concourse C was completed in 2007 but we usually drive to Milwaukee so we haven't spent much time at the airport. 

Here's a link to a very brief article by Marie Kohler that appeared in ExpressMilwaukee.com, an online newspaper, Feb 23, 2010 about the mosaics and the artists who designed and produced them, Miami-based artist Carlos Alves and partner/wife JC Carroll, if you want to learn a little bit more. According to this article "Alves created the individual ceramic images in his South Beach studio. Then he and his wife shopped Milwaukee stores for tiles later shattered into thousands of pieces for brilliant background fields. “Chip it, smash it. Put it back together and give it a whole new life,” Alves says. The shards glow in their new terrazzo settings, a galaxy of jewel-box gems."

And here's my photo essay of some of these works of art. Click on each photo to see the whole image.

Museums - Milwaukee Art Museum in particular/Cultural Offerings

Artist Statement

Churches, Domes and Spires

Houses/Neighborhoods and hall

Houses/Neighborhoods close up

Map Locator of the various Mosaics


Map of State indicating where Milwaukee's products come from

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photo Tour of Milford, Delaware

I've been taking walks in the early morning around downtown Milford and took these photos on two different days. I thought I would share them with you here.

Mispillion River  Greenway - looking towards the Vinyard Shipyard and downtown

Mispillion Riverwalk looking towards N. Walnut St. Santa House reflected in water

Water tower above the former wooden spoon factory. The Mulholland Spoon Factory
was once a leading manufacturing business in the area that produced wooden spoons
that were put inside Dixie cups of ice cream

From the Mispillion  River Greenway, part of the  Riverwalk, looking towards
The Vinyard Shipyard and Abbott's Grill/Gigante shopping mall

Vinyard shipyard and grassy knoll at Mispillion River Greenway

Mispillion Riverwalk 

Start of the Riverwalk on the east of N. Walnut

Mispillion  River under cloudy skies

Bridge over the Mispillion River

Downtown Milford Kiosk and planers filled with flowers and blooming plants

Riverfront Theatre, home of Second Street Players, the big clock and start of the Riverwalk
on the west side of N. Walnut St.

One of the "ArtTour" boats along the Riverwalk and in downtown, commission by
Downtown Milford, Inc. and decorated by local artists. This one by Bill Walton.

Marcia Reed's boat

Another bridge over the Mispillion River and Riverwalk