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Thursday, August 29, 2013

No Comfort Zone - more on my Artistic Journey

I wrote in earlier posts about the Artistic Journey I had begun with an intense independent study workshop with artist Marcia Reed of Gallery 37 - A Destination for Artful Living along with 4 other local artists that included Wanda Kelly, Gwen Guerke, Olaive Jones & Betsy Rybczynski. 

We were all serious about working beyond our comfort level into new territory. I had been in a "fallow" time in my life - not painting, not feeling inspired, so when this opportunity came along, I jumped at the chance. Hoping it would be just the shot in the arm I needed to get me painting again.

We met every two weeks for 8 weeks with Marcia to discuss Art and share the work we had created. We then worked independently during the following two weeks on our own - not even sharing this work with each other until we met for light dinner and discussion at Gallery 37. I can't even describe to you the wonderful feeling of painting - of the way I was able to find inspiration around me - some of the images I had been wanting to paint for some time, but somehow never got going on. Marcia made all of us feel comfortable reaching outside our comfort zones and pushing ourselves to go beyond where we were. She's an amazing teacher and mentor. The sense of excitement and creativity exploded in and around us and we created. Boy did we create! 

It was an amazing experience and the works created during this time, we believe are worthy of sharing. We decided to have a "Pop-UP" show with an Opening Reception on Friday, Sept 6 from 5-8pm and from 11-4 on Saturday, Sept 7. I'm not going to share too much here now, since I don't want to give away too much. But the image of the Sault (pronounced "soo") Saint Marie Steel Mill is one I've already shared on facebook, so many of you reading may have already seen it. If you are in Delaware we'd love to see you at the Reception. It's going to be a fun night!

p.s. Andre Lamar wrote a lovely article about our show in the Milford Beacon/Dover Post that you can access by clicking here.

Steel Mill, Sault (say "soo") Saint Marie, Ontario, Canada, acrylic on canvas

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