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Monday, January 7, 2013

January 6, 7 & 8 -Watercolor Journal pages

(click on the images for a closer look)

Drawing my unmade bed. January 6, 2013

Drawing a pair of pears on a shiny red tray and the onion I was using in my dinner preparation. January 7, 2013

Drawing my collection of teapots that sit on the potboard in the dining room. January 8, 2013

(urban sketches)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Canvas & Corks, January 17, 2013, 7pm at RAL

My First workshop of the year is "Canvas & Corks" 
Red Tulips by Rosemary Connelly - and YOU!

This is a class about art, fun, socializing and wine! (or your beverage of choice). 

The class will be creating their version of this painting of tulips step-by-step with help from me. Flowers are so much fun to draw and paint and are so forgiving! I'll show you how.

All your supplies are included and whether or not you have ever held a paintbrush in your hand, you'll be supported by me and your friends and have a great time creating a great piece of art! While everyone will be painting the same subject, you'll be able to customize yours with your favorite colors and embellishments. On top of all this fun, you are welcome (and encouraged) to bring your favorite adult beverage with you, as well as any snacks you'd like to nosh on while you're painting. The art league will supply cups, canvas, brushes, paint, music and instruction. 

Beginners are highly encouraged, and even more advanced painters will have a ball in this class. Canvas and Corks is offered on a monthly basis and is a great venue for girls-night-out, bachelorette parties, date nights, birthdays, or just for you!

Please drink responsibly and assign a DD for your night of artistic fun. Must be 21 or over to attend. No exceptions. There is a maximum of 15, so sign up early to take advantage of this fun night!

Wear old clothes. Please take leftover wine/snacks home with you. Students will be responsible for cleaning their own brushes and painting area. Thanks!

Location: The Rehoboth Art League, 12 Dodds Lane, Henlopen Acres Room: Children's Studio
Date: Jan 17, 2013 (one day) 
Time: 7:00 PM-9:00 PM 
Tuition: $40.00
Member Tuition: $35.00Level: All levels

To register contact the Rehoboth Art League at 303-227-8408 or click here to visit their website.

January 5, 2013 - Daily Watercolor Journaling

The subject of today's watercolor journaling spread were my green dining room chairs. I had some fun just doodling around with swirly shapes and looking at the chair from different angles. Click on the image for a closer look!

(Milford, DE, urban sketches)

Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4, 2013 Watercolor Journal: Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are arranged on the potboard in the dining room of our house.
I thought I'd take a shot at sketching and painting them.
They all look so cute sitting there.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3, 2013, Watercolor Journal pages

Today's entry for my Watercolor Journal:
Our "Star" Tree Topper - it used to belong to Bob's treasured Grandfather, his "Gampy" (Left side of spread)

A few of the "Toy Collection" of ornaments (Right side of spread)

Our holiday decorations are still up and I still feeling like recording some of these little things. The star was Bob's grandfather's that we inherited. It is very special to him because of it. I love the simplicity of the little bright star (a normal light from a string of lights fits inside it creating the glow.)

Each year I have add ornaments, retiring some of the more worn out ones. We still have the hand-made ornaments from our very first tree as a married couple. I was expecting our son and we didn't have much money. I used construction paper and bits of holiday wrapping paper to make our simple ornaments. As the kids grew, each year we made ornaments - bread dough, clay, melted glass beads and the like. Each season I found a few new ones to add to our collection, trying to buy at least 3 for repetition, although there are single or paired ones that grace the tree as well - A collection of hammered tin "melagros" (little miracles), copper sun and moon, my mother's lovely old glass ornaments, miniature gardening tools that remind me of our former garden in Phoenix. One year I bought a series of musical instruments when the kids were studying music in elementary school. We also have a collection of firefighter related ones that represent Bob's years one fire department in Tempe, Arizona.

I think this is probably the last of the Christmas ornament-related entries I will make in my watercolor journal. Maybe. Maybe not. I'll just have to see what grabs me tomorrow morning!

Goal for 2013: Watercolor Journaling every day!

January 1, 2013, left hand side of spread - a few ornaments on our Christmas Tree
For 2013 I've decided that I want to write, draw and paint in my watercolor journals every single day, come what may. My journaling materials and light and easy to carry anywhere I go - mostly I want to do something every morning before breakfast, before showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast or going to the computer. I also would like to spend less time on said computer and more time creating art. I think that putting something in my journal every day will also keep my drawing and observation skills  sharp and enable me to make compositional decisions every day as well. I always try to compose my pages so that my journals have a nice flow and are interesting to look at.

I'd also like to explore making my own journals from papers I love and making the covers durable and still beautiful, without getting too fussy about it. Haven't yet decided what that might be, but exploration is the key word here.

I also want to explore the area we live in more in the coming year. More plein air painting, more visiting cities and towns we've not visited before. To open myself to new possibilities. To say yes to new experiences but also to know when to say no.

And to continue to "live cheap and make art" - I hope you'll want to follow along with me!

Happy New Year everyone - may it be an art-filled one for you as well.


January 1, 2013, right hand side of spread - a few ornaments on our Christmas Tree 

January 2, 2013, left hand side of spread - Ceramic Snowman and Santa Claus 
January 2, 2013, right hand side of spread - "Joy" wood-carved Christmas decoration with wire and bells