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Monday, August 19, 2013

In Milwaukee with Jessica and Dave

Got home last week from our trip to Wisconsin to visit our daughter who recently moved into her new (old) house. Built in the 1950s it's a cute little house on a tree lined street built around a lovely green space where fireflies flit on warm summer nights and the dogs (Cleo and Auggie) can romp.

Bob, Jessica and Dave did the lion's share of what still needed to be done to meet inspection codes which meant sanding and painting the front and side porches, painting the white picket fence and the garage trim among other tasks inside the house. The dogs, of course, were always either underfoot or asleep on a comfy dog bed or chair. These two little pups are so cute!

The weather in Milwaukee was quite lovely and we enjoyed evening walks with the dogs through Jessica's new neighborhood, filled with mature trees and colorful flowerbeds.

I left for a few days to go up to Door County to teach a workshop at the Peninsula School of Art (I'll be posting photos) and returned in time to help get ready for a House Warming Party on Saturday. We left the following day, headed to NewYork for visit with my sister before returning to Delaware in time to greet our son Christopher and granddaughter Kyla who would be arriving for a visit to us!

It's been a very busy, fun and family-filled summer. We're now looking forward to a few weeks of quiet and R&R after all this traveling! But not before I finish posting all the photos from my visit to Door County, so do check back again for those!

We didn't take very many photos but here's a little peak at our time in Milwaukee.

Leon's frozen custard - famous and rightly so!

Bob and Dave fixing things

Cleopatra, the pug (a.k.a. Cleo) asleep in her favorite spot

Auggie Doggie, the dauschund (a.k.a. Caesar Augustus) prefers the window seat

I had to make my cockeyed cake for the House Warming Party

Jessica and Dave outside the house - the front porch looks so pretty now!

Bob, Jessica (with Auggie) and Dave (with Cleo) saying goodbye

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