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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recent Visit to New York City

Bob's sister Theresa and her husband Mike who currently live and work in Chicago, were in New York City on business several weeks ago and we arranged to meet up. We stayed in an Airbnb on the upper west side, an area we hadn't explored till this visit and we had a great time. Bob and Theresa went to do some geneology searches and I set out on my own to do some sketching. Since we were downtown, I wandered over to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked part of the way across, stopping to sketch the bridge and the views and enjoying this gorgeous day. I later walked all the way across and met them in DUMBO (an acronym for the area "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass") and had lunch at a stylish pizza joint and perused the hip shops popping up in this once seedy manufacturing area of New York. We had ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and took the Water Taxi back to Manhatten, later meeting them in Harlem for dinner. A great day!

Click here for even more about the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here's my photo essay with necessary commentary in no particular order:

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. I think they were painting above

Apparently you can walk across all the bridges in NY. Locals and tourists,
walkers and bikers share the walkway. Languages heard span the globe.

Walking right under the iconic structure built in 1883.

Bob and Theresa. Waiting for the Water Taxi to take us back
across the East River to downtown Manhattan

View from the Bridge

The Water Taxi, Lower Manhattan and the new World Trade Center,
and the Brooklyn Bridge

DUMBO (the neighborhood, not my husband)

More views

Xu Bing's amazing sculpture "Phoenixes" made from construction
trash at St. John the Divine Church, upper west side of Manhattan. 

New York Cityscape

French Connection anyone?

Driving home to Delaware "drive by shooting" signs

NYC Graffitti

More cityscape, overpasses and bridges

My sketch of the view of Manhattan I had from the Brooklyn Bridge
followed by more journal pages I did that day, self-explanatory.