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Monday, August 19, 2013

Maddie and Suzanne in New York

My sister and niece who live in Colorado were in New York recently to attend the wedding of a friend so we drove there directly from Milwaukee. Madison is graduating from high school in the spring and asked Bob if he would take her Graduation Photos. He had done the same for her sister Samantha when she graduated a few years ago now. She especially wanted to be photographed in all the iconic New York locations. Because of both of our schedules we had only one day to do it and in between on and off rainfall, we traveled to all the famous spots - needless to say there were a LOT of tourists everywhere we went and it was a crazy, whirlwind day but Bob got the job done and we visited some of those fun, popular places everyone loves in "The City." These are the shots I took as I tagged along, uh, that is, "Art Directed" the "photo-shoot"--

Madison and my sister Suzanne, at a place we stopped for lemonade (it was s HOT humid day!)

Grand Central Station - it's 100 years old this year

Spices display at the Grand Central Market 
Central Park

United Nations Building

Chrysler Building and Grand Central all lit up at night

Bank of America tower with reflection on the left

Times Square at night - pure craziness!

Madison in Times Square

Bob shooting Maddie in Times Square

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