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Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Painting a Day - some recent paintings

from my Spider Mum series
I've been so busy teaching workshops this summer I haven't posted my "Painting a Day" (for every day I am in the studio" paintings here for a while. So I thought I'd show you some of the last few I've done (even though some of you may have seen these on facebook -- which by the way, is where you can find Live Cheap and Make Art Studios - click HERE and "like" us for our latest news and events)

Still painting my 8" x 8" "painting a day" studies, whatever strikes my fancy when I go into my studio. It gets me going and loosens me up for whatever other paintings I may be working on and I know that whatever else I do that day, I will at least produce one small painting! And did you know that if you go up to the top left hand side of this page you can do a search for any topic and the posts relating to that will pop up for you. So, enter "Painting a Day" and click "search", then scroll down to see what you may have missed. 

Some paintings are acrylic and some watercolor - Can you tell the difference? Which ones are your favorites? Add your comments here! Want to see them in person? Come visit my studio at the Studios Upstairs, 4 Park Avenue, 2nd floor, Milford, DE.

Waterlily Series from photos Taken at Longwood Gardens: 

View from my Studio Window series:

 Day #47 - 48 - 49 - View from my studio Window
I felt that this one was the most successful of the three
This was feels too heavy-handed to me, and is my least favorite

Friday, June 29, 2012

Kids Nature Journaling Camp at Mispillion Art League

Lessons on watercolor at Abbott's Mill Nature Center
Bob and I spent the past week with 7 kids, ages 10 through 17 teaching a workshop through Mispillion Art League called "Nature Journaling." It was one of their offerings for summer and we enjoy tag-teaming and working with the kids - even though we need a nap at the end of the day! 

We alternated my teaching them a bit about the watercolor aspect obviously, and Bob, consummate teacher that he is, teaching them how to take better photographs, focusing and understanding what their cameras can do. They all said at the end of the week how much they had learned and how much they enjoyed it. Very rewarding for both of us. 

We spent two days at Abbott's Mill Nature Center, an historic site that includes an old grist mill about 3 miles southwest of downtown Milford. "It has survived in excellent condition as a late nineteenth to an early-twentieth-century mill. There is a Nature Center behind the mill buildings, nature trails also run through the undeveloped land to the rear of the property and workshops, exhibits, walking trails, courses, and other programs are run daily." (Wikipedia) It's one of my favorite places in the Milford area with a friendly, knowledgable staff and a place to really commune with nature. 

I'll let the photos speak for themselves in telling the story of what we did all week. There are still photos in the camera from yesterday, our last day of class, so I'll be adding more as Bob downloads and turns them over to me for these pages.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Watercolor Journaling with Rosemary at Waterview Gardens

The workshop at Waterview Gardens went beautifully on Saturday. Libby Zando has created a absolute paradise on multi levels at this lovingly restored circa 1900 Victorian home on a hill overlooking the Broadkill River in historic Milton, Delaware where she offers "Day Retreats for Creative Spirits."

Next Saturday in fact Bob will be teaching a workshop in digital photography there where students will learn how to take better photographs in this green and lush landscape. 

I'm posting a few photos from my workshop that included 7 students for a day of relaxing, and learning more about watercolor journaling. 

To learn more about Waterview Gardens retreats, contact Libby at 302-684-4601 or visit the website at http://www.zandodesigns.com and click on the link for Waterview Gardens at the bottom of the page.

To see more photos from Saturday's workshop, visit Live Cheap and Make Art Studios on facebook and "Like" us!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Day at Longwood Gardens

The Rose Garden is in full and glorious bloom right now!

 After we dropped off my paintings at The Station Gallery on Monday we drove a short distance away to Longwood Gardens. My friend April has been telling me for some time now how beautiful it is there but we just haven't made the time to go. Unlike most museums, it is open on Mondays and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. 

We had been to Longwood several years ago and my memory of it was that it was mostly rows of flowers in planters, color coordinated, and well, more of a formal garden with fancy water shows. I have always enjoyed the natural-appearing gardens at Winterthur, that look as if the flowers simply grew there in meadows and on hillsides without any help from man. Of course I know that's not true, that there is an army of gardens who attend to any garden of this size, but nevertheless, I thought I preferred Winterthur.
Five minute shows all summer at noon, 2 and 4pm
I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by what I found at Longwood on this visit! Yes, there is a formal component in the Italian Gardens and the fancy water shows but it is also a place to reconnect with nature - from the 4-acre Conservatory to the over 1,000 acres of outdoor gardens, including the most amazing waterlily ponds I've ever seen, it's a magical place to visit. Click here for information on what is blooming at this time of year. The special event that is going on now for the summer are Light Installations by artist Bruce Munro, a British lighting artist. 

If you visit the Gardens this summer (now through September 1), Wednesday to Saturday until 11pm you find yourself in an enchanted garden! Never before seen in the United States this debut exhibition illuminates the gardens with large-scale, site-specific installations. We took some photographs of the installations but as it was a Monday we were not able to see them lit. We intend to return to see the meadows glowing with towers, fields filled with lights that look like flowers and a shower of raindrops in the Conservatory. Everywhere we looked we saw evidence of the imaginative art of this gifted artist. 

Floating discs made of DVDs on foam reflect the light
A "shower" of light in the Atrium

More images of Longwood Gardens:

• Buy tickets before you arrive 
• Timed admission tickets required 
• Tickets limited

Buy tickets online, in the Visitor Center, or by phone at 610-388-1000 (additional fees apply for phone orders). Members, click here to make your reservations for Saturday nights.

The Station Gallery to show Rosemary's paintings

Laundry Day, Puglia, watercolor

On Monday this week Bob and I drove up to the Wilmington area of Delaware to a town called Greenville to bring some of my paintings up to the Station Gallery. Four of my paintings will be included in their summer exhibit of new artists: Summer, Verona; Laundry Day, Puglia, Weathered Red Barn; and Red Barn, Bombay Hook. The exhibit goes up July 3 and will be up in the gallery July and August. I'm very excited about the opportunity to show my work in this well-respected gallery.

The Station Gallery opened in 1979 to present works by regional artists and offer museum quality framing to the Delaware Valley. They offer a wide range of original art in oil, pastel, photography, watercolor and mixed media with a variety of subjects from abstracts and landscapes to still lifes.

They represent some of the finest artists in the area, including my friend Denise Dumont, Louise Clearfield, Michele Greene, just to name a few. Currently they are showing the work of Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride through June 30. 

The Station Gallery also offers museum-qualty framing and is recommended by Winterthur Museum for their exclusive use of archival materials. 

It's about an hour's drive to Greenville, Delaware from Milford. With so much to do in the  Brandywine area, it's well worth a day trip! Make it a day filled with art - go to the Station Gallery, visit the Delaware Art Museum, and the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art. Or convene with nature at Longwood, Winterthur or Nemours

Whatever you decide to do, Delaware may be a small state, but north or south, there's so many interesting things to do and see, we're happy to be right in the middle of it all!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Mispillion Art League

Happy Group on the last day of my workshop
Yesterday was the last day of my 4-day workshop at Mispillion Art League. We had great weather all week, and were able to do some journaling outdoors. We went outside and sketched along the Riverwalk in downtown Milford, in the gardens at The Towers Bed and Breakfast on N.W. Front St., and at Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Each day's lesson was intended to provide opportunities to draw from life, to focus and quietly observe the world around them, to play with color and paint, brush and pen, to learn to express themselves with worlds and pictures and to compose interesting pages.

Day 1: Drawing and painting their paint boxes!

Day 1: Getting to know the colors in their paint kits
Since I began teaching these workshops I have done 3-hour sessions, 1-day, 2-day, 3-day and 4-day workshops and one 2-hour "sampler." I try to offer my "student/artists" something they can take away and use, and the confidence to try new things.

My workshops are typically geared to beginners. It's so rewarding for me, to have someone who has never drawn or painted before, come to my workshop and become inspired by watercolor journaling! 

So many of my students come to me and say that they are now "hooked" and can't stop doing it! It has opened a whole new world from some people who never thought they could be artists. Many come back and take my workshops over and over again, fine-tuning their skills, proud of their progress.

Day 2: Hannah sketching flowers on N. Walnut Street
Day 2: Marylou adding details

For me, it's about slowing down in our crazy, busy world and noticing the small things. Sitting quietly staring at a leaf or a flower, noticing the many shades of greens and kinds of leaves on the trees, hearing the sound of birds, feeling the breezes blow across your face. I couldn't say it any better than my friend Paige, who wrote this in her journal:

"...I have learned so much already and it is exciting to see places and colors with new eyes, to capture my thoughts and to rest in the now. It's not about the final product but being present."


Day 3: Watercolor Washes

Day 3: at The Towers Bed and Breakfast
Day 3: Fun with watercolor washes

Day 3: Journaling in the Garden at The Towers

Day 3: Towers day lilies in bloom

Day 3: Paige's journal page that "says it all"
Day 4: Journaling at Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Day 4: Comparing different leaf types

Day 4: Last day's watercolor journals