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Monday, October 14, 2013

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Studios Upstairs

My traditional End-of-Workshop Group Shot! A great group once again! How lucky am I?

As many of you know who live on the East  Coast, it's been a pretty wet week! The sun is finally trying to poke through the clouds today and yesterday wasn't much better. Unfortunately it was the day I had scheduled for my Watercolor Journaling Workshop at the Studios Upstairs - where I rent one of the 9 artist studios above the Mispillion Art League and Angelucci Studios and Artists' Gallery. The Angelucci's manage the "Studios Upstairs"  but we are completely separate from the Art League, a non-profit arts organization. Together, we inhabit the former Humes Hardware Store on the corner of N. Walnut Street and Park Avenue, now known as the Riverwalk Center for the Arts. This 1930s era building was in quite a state of disrepair when it was renovated and turned into the lovely art center that it has become - the heart of the arts community and the downtown, in my humble opinion.

The studios are really a hidden gem. High beamed ceilings, original wood floors and stucco'd walls provide a glimpse into the history of Milford and the smooth white walls with grey trim and lighting accents add a modern look that blend together with style and grace. Scott Angelucci must be acknowledged for his vision and skill as do the hardworking team of volunteers who turned this former upstairs warehouse space into the impressive art space it is today. If you look around at the photos below you can get a glimpse of what the space is like. To really appreciate it, come up and visit! It's a joy to work there. But I digress!

My plan was to have our lessons/exercises upstairs in the common area in the front of the building and then in the afternoon to take everyone outside to sketch and journal. We ended up spending the whole day inside since it was still not great weather by the afternoon although it had stopped raining. I'm getting pretty good at finding ways to keep my students sketching and had them up and about all over the 2nd floor in search of interesting things to observe and capture in their journals. Here are a few photos from the day:

Drawing Exercises in front of The Pearl Lady's sliding door
My beginners - Sketching fruits and veggies

Creating their own color wheels 
Elaine paints the green apple while Maureen observes the green pepper

Capturing thoughts and observations - windows look down on N. Walnut St.

Journal entries from their wanderings around the Studios Upstairs 
Searching for inspiration in the hallways

My reference books and watercolor things

My demo of a red onion and my watercolor kit

Richard painting his potato and M.E., focused on her apple

Near the kitchen window, sketching

Elaine and Michelle finding subjects in the front room to sketch

Sketching their watercolor kits

Wet on wet exercises are always fun

Working away! (empty yoghurt cups came in very handy!)

A messy table! Proof of process! Everyone said they had a good time.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Delaware Art Museum

Last Saturday, September 28, 2013, I led a workshop at Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, Delaware. They had such a good response to the workshop I did there this spring that they asked me to return in the fall! I love teaching there because of several things: 1- they have a very nice classroom space to teach in, 2- there is a lovely sculpture garden with trees, flowers and other interesting features to journal about and 3- the opportunity for my students to journal inside the museum - a real treat!

This was a one day workshop and I took these photos during the course of the day, that will serve as a "Photo Essay" for the exercises and experiences my student journalers enjoyed.

Sketching their watercolor kits is a good way to learn the colors and begin working with the medium 
Adding watercolor to their journal sketches

Sketching on the Chihuly Bridge - "Persian Window" by glass artist Dale Chihuly

Sketching "RIOT" by Debra Butterfield

The Delaware Art Museum and sculpture garden

Assorted journal pages from the day's workshop

Line drawing sketches of "RIOT" and composition studies of paintings in the gallery

Carefully observing and sketching Chihuly

Looking up to where my students were sketching - the Chihuly Bridge is on the 2nd floor

Adding watercolor to their Chihuly sketches

Sketch of watercolor kit with colors added and named

More Chihuly sketching 
Writing about the day's experiences - an important part of Watercolor Journaling!