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Saturday, December 6, 2008

At the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Milwaukee with our kids. This was the first time in several years we were all four of us together for this holiday and it was really great. Chris wanted to go to the Harley-Davidson Museum and since they were also having a special day-after-Thanksgiving event complete with a give-away of commemorative Harley-Davidson Museum glasses we piled in the car for the short ride to the museum grounds, conveniently located off I-94 at the crossroads of 6th and canal, right on the Milwaukee River. To be honest, I'm not really a big Harley fan (imagine that!) but this museum is so well done and connects the history of the motorcycle to other historical events and the displays are really entertaining and informative. As a graphic designer I really appreciate HD‘s attention to detail and the quality and cohesiveness of their design, in everything from the bike design to their letterhead, business papers and advertising, even from the very beginning of the company.

We had a fun time sitting on the different bikes and exploring this really cool place. There was even a big screen TV showing clips from all the great motorcycle movies like Easy Rider and The Wild Ones. It was just fun. I‘ll try to post some of Bob‘s photos later. These were taken by the photographer at Harley-Davidson and were downloaded from their site.

We finished our tour with a free beer in the cafĂ© that overlooks the river. The only negative part of the day was the fact that the museum restaurant was not staffed up enough to handle the crowds that day and they ran out of some of the menu items and beers we wanted to try. No big deal though and I would definitely recommend a visit there if you are in the area, even if you aren‘t a follower of the Hell's Angels!

Me and my Harley

Jessica, with Chris riding shotgun

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Early Thanksgiving in Richmond 2008

We went to Richmond the week before Thanksgiving to spend it with Kyla and Chris, since Kyla would be at her Mom's house for Thanksgiving Day. I cooked a mini-thanksgiving dinner, with a turkey breast and all the trimmings in smaller amounts. Kyla had mac & cheese.

During the day, while her Daddy was at work Bob and I took her to a place called The Inflation Nation, a big warehouse of a place with all these inflatables kids like to jump in and on, like at birthday parties or festivals in the park. She loves it and is absolutely fearless!

Later, before dinner we had fun making turkeys from our handprints and she created this vase of flowers (OK, I made the vase, but she made all the flowers herself, with just a little help with the pipe cleaners) I thought they were fantastic and so creative!

Her finishing touch was a little puppet show under the table to entertain her Daddy!

Halloween 2008

A little out of order, I still wanted to post these photos of Kyla at Halloween. We had fun trick or treating again in Richmond with Kyla and her Mom's family and friends. She has a lovely, large extended family with plenty of brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents to go around!

At 4 years old, Kyla has become enamored with Hannah Montana and knew all the moves and the words to the songs. Hilarious! She had so much fun.

Halloween party at Kim's house (Kyla‘s Mom) with all the cousins in attendance

Bob and I (a.k.a. Gram and Gampy) dressed up as “works in progress” wearing canvases and asking all the party guests to add their drawings. Everyone had a good time with this and by the end of the night the works of art were complete!