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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Visiting New York City

In July we had the opportunity to spend several days in New York City as I have written about before. We visited the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and I taught a Watercolor Journaling Workshop at the New York Open Center. Here's a link to the blog page (click here).

We stayed one night at my brother's apartment in the city with a great view of Long Island City and for 3 nights we stayed in Greenwich Village in a guest house of a brownstone there and loved exploring that area. New York is always inspiring and exciting and we always enjoy our time spent there. Without going into too much detail, here are some of the photos we took.  Enjoy!

Art Installation at Madison Square Park (above and below) with a plaque describing the project

Monumental Installation by NY-based artist Orly Genger (link)

The Famous Flatiron Building (click here for info) completed 1902

New York Tchotchkes

The New York Open Center where I taught a Watercolor Journaling Workshop in July

View from my brother's apartment at sunrise

At the United Nations 
At the New York Historical Society Museum

Outside a restaurant called "il Caliente" - (we didn't eat there but it looked nice)

The "famous in the 60's" Cafe Wha? still alive! click here for their website

Op Art or Creative Construction?

Chillin' in Washington Square Park

View from Greenwich Village of the New World Trade Center Tower going up
Click here for more photos and latest info on the project.

The United Nations - looking up in the sun

Shady street where we stayed in Greenwich Village
Cool NYC street scene Sunday morning...where's Hopper?
Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant, Greenwich Village

Restaurant called il Caliente - loved the shadows on the wall

New York City fire escapes...looking up 

New York City street scene

Italian bakery and deli called "Il Cantuccio"- we had the most delicious lunch---comé italia!

more from il Cantucci ... click here for a link to their website

Empire State Building (above and below...two views)

Washington Square Park at dusk

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