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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mid-Summer Update

We just sent out our Mid-Summer Email Update with dates and times of all the Art Fairs and Exhibits we are participating in from now till the end of August, as well as what we call "Local Doings" - events we think you might find interesting as well.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jon and Juliet's wedding

June 26, 2010

After our vacation in Yosemite National Park we drove back to Los Gatos for the wedding of my cousins' Andy and Marnie's son Jon to the lovely Juliet in an outdoor wedding by the lake, surrounded by redwood trees, wildflowers, friends and family. The wedding took place at the home of the groom which is nestled up in the Santa Cruz Mountains above the charming town of Los Gatos, California. The weather was perfect and the ceremony unique and special as the bride and groom spoke the vows they had written gazing at each other lovingly.

Marnie, Jon's Mom did an amazing job of preparing and organizing this absolutely beautiful event, down to baking the wedding cake and decorating it with a basket weave frosting and flowers. She had even planted a wildfower garden with a path down the center for the bridal party to walk through, like an aisle in a church – white daisies and blue bachelor buttons! Eating and dancing went on late into the night and was followed up with a brunch by the pool the next day and a lot of relaxing.

The Happy Couple, Jon and his Juliet

Bagpipes were played when the bridal party arrived

One of the adorable Flower Girls tossing rose petals

Beautiful Nikki, the groom's sister

The Groom's Family in Attendance

The Bride's Family in Attendance

My brother Fred, his wife Elaine, son Matt and Matt's girlfriend Amber

Matt, Amber, Sal and Freddie (Fred's son and his wife)

Cousins Evie and Jim

Bob in Blue

Rosemary in Yellow

Amber with one of Marnie's sculptures (the groom's Mom)

Us In Yosemite

We were in Yosemite National Park, in California, for 5 days in June, from the 20th to the 25th. We focused mainly on the "Easy" trails (although some seemed less so than others!). We were very aware that we were not in tip top shapes for a lot of strenuous hikes but there is so much beauty all around you there that we did not in the slightest way feel we were missing anything by not attempting some of the more difficult hikes. We had an incredible time. We probably hiked an average of two trails a day. We were able to drive to the trailheads on hikes outside Yosemite Valley, taking the shuttle to the different trail heads within the Valley floor. It's hard to remember every trail and every waterfall but I'll try to identify what I am posting.

Bob will be posting some of his breathtaking shots soon but we also wanted you to see these snapshots of us having fun at Yosemite!

I posted pages from my watercolor journal in a previous post: California trip: Watercolor Journaling in Yosemite which you might want to visit if you haven't seen these journal paintings and would like to.

I believe this is the top of Sentinel Rock, we didn't feel that we were climbing a mountain, but taking a circuitous walk around it, sometimes steep, but eventually arriving at the top where there was snow!

Us with Half Dome, a popular spot for tourists to have their pictures taken

Our Cabin at Evergreen Lodge, our cosy home for 5 days. With an excellent restaurant, bike rentals, kids playground area, S'mores almost every night with campfire songs and more, it was a fun and relaxing place to stay, just outside the Hetch Hetchy entrance to the Park

Hiking in Yosemite (going to Wapama Falls)

Half Dome at Sunset

Giant Sequoia that wagons used to drive through in Mariposa Grove. Unbelievable really that they actually cut holes in these giant trees! The larger of the two that were cut out like this has since fallen over.

Bob with Yosemite Falls in the background

Bob, soaked from the force of water at Wapama Falls. We both had to run across the bridges at the base of these thunderous falls! What a blast! And since it was a hot day and long walk back, it felt so good.

Weekend in Fresno

(more catch up from June)

When we got our invitation to Jon and Juliet's wedding in Los Gatos, California, we immediately decided that we would have to make it a little vacation and spend some time in Yosemite National Park. And when I poured over the map of California I realized that Fresno is sort of in between Yosemite and Los Gatos and since John and Sally, friends of ours from Phoenix live there now, it seemed a pity not to at least try to see them while we were passing through. They were available and had time and space for us, so we spent the weekend with them. It was great catching up on our lives and hanging out, like we used to do in Phoenix, eating good food and drinking lots of wine!

They took us to their local Farmer's Market and showed us some of the sights. Here's just a tiny view of a brief visit to Fresno.

The Farmers Market in Fresno

John and Sally

Flowers at the Market

Cherries - we stopped at a roadside stand to buy these cherries and ate them in the car - the best we have ever had!

Locally Grown Almonds and Beans

The Launching of the Augusta

(Trying to catch up on some events of the past two months - We were so busy, it was impossible to keep up with the blog!)

June 12, 2010

In November 2008, this blog documented the arrival of the Augusta, the first motorized yacht built by the Vinyard Shipyards in Milford, Delaware. For the past year and a half, Joan and Sudler Lofland and a dedicated group of craftsmen lovingly restored this craft, making it seaworthy once again. A larger group of folks came out to celebrate this exciting event with the Loflands, who threw a big party on the lawn of their home that sits on the grounds of the shipyard right on the Mispillion River.

According to Downtown Milford, Inc., "Downtown Milford’s crown jewel is the Mispillion Riverwalk, a greenway space designed to preserve the town’s waterfront. Along this walk were once located seven shipyards that produced over 600 wooden sailing ships between 1680 and 1927." To read more about the City of Milford's Shipbuilding history, go to Downtown Milford's website.

The Launching of the Augusta was a momentous occasion for everyone in our fair city, a celebration of the past and also an exciting direction for the future.

The Launching
Click on this link for a video about the Launching of the Augusta.

The Crew Boarding the Augusta

The Augusta in Milford

A display documenting the history of Shipbuilding at the Vinyards Shipyards in Milford

The August - Before Restoration

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Very Busy Summer!

We have had such a fun and busy summer so far! About mid-June we spent two weeks in California. The main purpose of the trip was to attend my cousins' son's wedding in Los Gatos. Since we were going to be all the way out there we decided to wrap a vacation around it and spend some time in Yosemite National Park. Flying into San Jose Airport, we drove down to Monterey first and spent the night there, visiting the Aquarium, Cannery Row and Fisherman's Wharf and just enjoying the Pacific Coast, so different from our Eastern Shore. From Monterey we drove to Fresno to spend the weekend with Sally and John, Phoenix friends who relocated there while we were in Italy. Yosemite was awe-inspiring and I painted in my watercolor journal; the wedding was magical. We'll have more photos from our trip soon.

Here are a few shots from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Anemone and Starfish (every color imaginable!)

Seahorses (so many different types!!)

Sardines (they travel in large schools - it is mesmerizing to watch!)

Fisherman's Wharf

Monterey Fish Company

The Monterey Aquarium


More Jellyfish

Cannery Row

Monday, July 5, 2010

California trip - Watercolor Journaling in Yosemite

Bob and I got back early Wednesday morning from a two-week trip to California. The main reason we went there was to celebrate the wedding of my cousins' son and his lovely bride. We decided since we were going to be in California anyway, we would take the opportunity to visit Yosemite National Park. We spent about 5 days there where we hiked the "easy" trails, saw all the major sites, got drenched in the waterfalls, Bob took lots of beautiful photographs and I made paintings in my watercolor journal. We want to share some of the experiences and images with you as soon as we get a chance to download everything and have the time to do it.

My sister and her daughters are arriving on Wednesday for a two-week visit with us, so time will be limited. But I can't wait to see them and spend this time with them. So we'll post photos soon. For now here are a few of the watercolor paintings I did in my art journal - a gorgeous leather bound journal with hand made paper I received last year for my birthday that has been just waiting for the perfect opportunity to paint in it! Interpreting Yosemite in watercolor was a challenge and a delight!

View on the road to Glacier Point, Yosemite

Yosemite Falls

Valley View, Yosemite

Yellow flowers, Hetch Hetchy Valley

White flowers, Hetch Hetchy Valley

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

View of Half Dome, Yosemite