Return to Barcelona 2017! La Merce with Urban Sketchers Barcelona

One evening of La Merce I met Urban Sketchers Barcelona to sketch at The Casa Amatller, and the adjacent Casa Batlló, designed by Antonio Gaudí, part of the "mansana de la discòrdia" or block of discord of Barcelona, so-named because it features buildings in sharply contrasting styles. We were invited to sketch at this historic location by the organizers of the festival and so we did, after which we were treated to private tours of both! What a treat it was! I had visited Casa Battló the year before and had not planned to do it again but it was a delight to see it in the evening and to go up on the rooftop as well, with lights strewn across the expanse and a special evening event going on at the same time. 

Casa Amatller

Casa Battlo

Interior, ceiling Casa Amatller

Tile floor at entry, Casa Amatller

Dining Room, Casa Amatller

Detail, Casa Batllo

Deteails, Casa Batllo

Rooftop, Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo at night

Cafe and Chocolate Shop at Casa Amatller (a chocolatier)

Tile and Wood Carving Details, Casa Amatller

Flooring, Casa Amatller

Ceiling, Casa Amatller

Bench and Fireplace Detail, Casa Amatller

Chandelier, Casa Amatller

Ceiling Detail, Casa Batllo

Detail, Casa Batllo

Urban Sketchers at Casa Batllo


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