Return to Barcelona 2017! Figueres and Girona Bus Tour

I took another bus tour to Figueres, to the Dali Museum and to the charming town of Girona. I have to admit I've never been a huge fan of the work of Salvador Dali, but being so close to it, I felt it warranted a visit. It was just as crazy as I expected and the tour was fun for the most part (except for the baby who cried nearly the entire ride back to Barcelona) I found the town of Figueres charming and enjoyed a sangria and some tapas at a cafe near the museum and a conversation about love and loss with the waiter after my self-guided tour through Dali's craziness. 

The bus also stopped in the breathtaking town of Girona where I totally lost my heart! The view across the bridge is so enchanting I couldn't get enough of it! Here's a link to a blog with 9 reasons to visit Girona and I have to agree, it is well worth your time! Click here for the link. 

My photo essay follows:

The Dali Museum Exterior

Exterior courtyard, Dali Museum

Interior courtyard

I must admit this was one of my favorites! No explanation!!

The Dali Ceiling is extraordinary

The car that rains inside. Seriously.

From a certain distance you see Abraham Lincoln clear as a bell.



One of Girona's bridges over the Onyar River

Placa Independencia where I had lunch

Brdige in Girona built by Eiffel of Paris fame

Several locations in Girona were used in Game of Thrones

Stones from Roman times

Another view of Girona


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