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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Urban Sketching Barcelona. Day 20: Farewells


October 24, 2016

On Monday, the 24th, I got a call in the morning from Andrea that little Bénédict was running a fever and they were taking him to the ER. They were quite worried obviously and also were scheduled to leave Barcelona that afternoon on a flight back to Germany. While I waited to hear from them I spent some time getting my things together since I was flying back to the states the next day. Originally I thought after I said goodbye to them I would have the rest of that day to do it. As it turned out I got everything ready and when I heard they were back in their hotel and everything was going to be OK, we all breathed a sigh of relief but it didn't give us much more time together. I jumped in a taxi and rode to meet them for a bite to eat before they had to leave for the airport. Our goodbyes were tearful but had to be quick since a taxi was waiting to whisk them away.

I must admit I cried my eyes out in the taxi on my way back to my apartment but we agreed we would be sure to see each other soon and we'll have to work it out somehow. Spending time with Andrea and her beautiful family was such a joy! A visit to Cologne (Köln) is definitely in my future!

Later that afternoon I took a walk around the neighborhood for the last time and bought myself a few things, got a few more souvenirs and had a bite to eat.

My flight left at 12:30pm and with the time difference was scheduled to arrive in Philly at 3:45. Alejandro and Fernando were so sweet. They showed up at the apartment in time to chat with me for a while and walk me to the bus. I hadn't thought about that before, how I would probably be doing that alone, but no. They walked with me, hugged me goodbye and said how much they enjoyed meeting me and I them. We were like old friends by now, or it felt like it. I'll never forget them.

I will miss this city so much. I loved the broad streets in the Eixample and the wonderful Modernisme architecture, the old town and the markets, bakeries and coffee or tapas bars on every street, Gaudí's genius and fanciful colors and tile works, the patterned sidewalks and sycamore trees that line the streets, paella, tapas and sangria, opening the doors to my little patio and keeping them wide open while I was inside, talking and sketching with Melanie and Urban Sketchers Barcelona and Inky Fingers and all the wonderful places they shared with me. I loved walking everywhere or figuring out the Metro and using my trusty map to get around. And I loved the people! They were so warm and welcoming and there when I needed them to be. Fernando and Alejandro were the best Airbnb hosts and I loved my apartment there - my home in Barcelona.

It was an amazing experience. I hope to return to see more of Spain but to also return to Barcelona - besides, I have to check on the progress of Sagrada Familia It should be finished in about 5 years!

Adios Barcelona, Hasta Pronto!
- Rosemary

p.s. Just a couple more photos to end on. And remember, if a photo looks cut off, click on it.

Me with the famous crustaeon in Barceloneta: Gambrinus!  

All the TV's with different programs on them made me laugh on the flight home.

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