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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Urban Sketching Barcelona. Day 16: With Andrea, Vincent & boys

Spending the day with Andrea, Vincent and the boys

October 20, 2016

What a joy to spend time with Andrea and Vincent and get to know the boys! Frédéric, age 6 and Bénédict, 3 were so much fun! They rode their scooters around everywhere like little pros and we could hardly keep up with them! They seemed to really enjoy the Aquarium, which we arrived at by crossing over the Rambla de Mar, a modern-looking pedestrian bridge that connects Barceloneta with the Entertainment area that includes a Mall and the Aquarium. Since they were staying at a hotel on the opposite side of town from me, we met at the Aquarium and spent the rest of the day together, finally sharing a delicious paella and more at a restaurant in Barceloneta. I was so tired I took a Taxi home, even though I could have walked. Andrea asked me to sketch the boys and I did my best. I still need work on my people-sketching skills!

Mirador de Colum, Column with Statue of Columbus pointing to the West

The beautiful old Port Authority Building 

Bénédict, looking up at sharks overhead and Frédéric at the Aquarium

Sharks were swimming over our heads!

Andrea and her boys


Taking a break for a snack and photo

Sweet Bénédict was so tired after the Aquarium

Frédéric eating a waffle with cream after riding his scooter

Andrea, Vincent and Frédéric, while Bénédict slept

So sweet, Bénédict, asleep in the stroller

Rambla de Mar - the wooden pedestrian bridge across to the Aquarium

Boats in the harbor

A Sailing Ship in the Harbor

Port Vell (Old Port) flags

Sunset at the Port

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