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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Urban Sketching Barcelona. Day 2: Casa Batllo and more

Visiting Casa Batlló

October 6, 2016

On the second morning of my Barcelona Sketching Holiday I woke early to lightning flashes and crashing thunder that seemed to be directly over my head, accompanied by torrential rain! I had planned to walk to Casa Batlló – I had a 9:30 time slot for my visit – and needed to leave the apartment by 9am at the latest. I had not planned on rain! But, not to be deterred, I knew there were buses and a Metro stop not far away. I made coffee, had a light breakfast and tried to figure out from my guidebooks and maps how to get there without getting soaked in the process! I needn’t have worried! By around 8:30 the rain has slowed to a mere drizzle and I headed out, armed with a small umbrella. How beautiful the city looked in the rain! The barks of the sycamore trees that line the streets had darkened, accentuating their mottled colors and the patterned sidewalks glistened as if they were varnished. By the time I reached my destination, the storm clouds had passed and while the sun never fully appeared, the rain, at least for now, was over.

Since I had made reservations for the self-guided tour of Casa Batlló, upon arrival I was able to walk right in, avoiding the line that was already forming. I’m guessing that the weather had deterred some tourists from visiting that day so the crowds were light, which was OK with me! I had plenty of room to take out my journal and do some sketching inside as well as on the roof, that was almost the best part! The details in this place are astonishing!

My visit included the Entrance Hall and Main Staircase, the Noble Floor (the original residence of the Batlló family), Attic (formally storage rooms and wash tubs), and the spectacular Roof Terrace with its Chimneys. To see some truly  gorgeous photographs and learn more about Gaudí and Casa Batlló, click here. I wish the light had been better, but I can't complain - I was there!!

Patterned pavers on Passeig de Gracia

Casa Batlló exterior

Cozy nook

View of the street through the windows

Entrance Hall - gorgeous woodwork everywhere!

Looking down from stairwell

More gorgeous woodwork!

Courtyard outside - backyard if you will

More entrance details


Staircase detail - sorry about the lack of focus!

Interior courtyard tile work

Chimneys - nothing is simply functional!

I was really there!! (I couldn't believe it!) - What views!!

Scales of the "Dragon" and incredible ceramic tilework

Functional but also beautiuful! The rest speak for themselves.

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