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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Painting a Day - Day 32 - Pink (Red?) Tulip

Day 32 - Pink (Red?) Tulip on N. Walnut Street
Today as I drove to my studio I passed this patch of garden along N. Walnut Street. These gorgeous red tulips just standing there straight and tall. I hurried up to my studio to get all art supplies, determined to go out there and paint one of them for my painting a day. By the time I stopped to chat with a couple of friends, the sun had shifted and the tall red tulips were leaning out into the street, their deep red faces turned towards the street and not the sky!

Now I've been known to sit myself in all sorts of strange places to paint but sitting in the middle of the street was definitely not an option. So I chose to look at back of the tulip - to my surprise, it was this beautiful pink/salmon color with light showing through the petals. I did a quick pencil sketch, altering the placement of the leaves for the composition's sake and adding the blues all around. I think I could still work on this some more - develop the shadows a bit more but overall I was happy with the result.

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