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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Us In Yosemite

We were in Yosemite National Park, in California, for 5 days in June, from the 20th to the 25th. We focused mainly on the "Easy" trails (although some seemed less so than others!). We were very aware that we were not in tip top shapes for a lot of strenuous hikes but there is so much beauty all around you there that we did not in the slightest way feel we were missing anything by not attempting some of the more difficult hikes. We had an incredible time. We probably hiked an average of two trails a day. We were able to drive to the trailheads on hikes outside Yosemite Valley, taking the shuttle to the different trail heads within the Valley floor. It's hard to remember every trail and every waterfall but I'll try to identify what I am posting.

Bob will be posting some of his breathtaking shots soon but we also wanted you to see these snapshots of us having fun at Yosemite!

I posted pages from my watercolor journal in a previous post: California trip: Watercolor Journaling in Yosemite which you might want to visit if you haven't seen these journal paintings and would like to.

I believe this is the top of Sentinel Rock, we didn't feel that we were climbing a mountain, but taking a circuitous walk around it, sometimes steep, but eventually arriving at the top where there was snow!

Us with Half Dome, a popular spot for tourists to have their pictures taken

Our Cabin at Evergreen Lodge, our cosy home for 5 days. With an excellent restaurant, bike rentals, kids playground area, S'mores almost every night with campfire songs and more, it was a fun and relaxing place to stay, just outside the Hetch Hetchy entrance to the Park

Hiking in Yosemite (going to Wapama Falls)

Half Dome at Sunset

Giant Sequoia that wagons used to drive through in Mariposa Grove. Unbelievable really that they actually cut holes in these giant trees! The larger of the two that were cut out like this has since fallen over.

Bob with Yosemite Falls in the background

Bob, soaked from the force of water at Wapama Falls. We both had to run across the bridges at the base of these thunderous falls! What a blast! And since it was a hot day and long walk back, it felt so good.

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