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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Launching of the Augusta

(Trying to catch up on some events of the past two months - We were so busy, it was impossible to keep up with the blog!)

June 12, 2010

In November 2008, this blog documented the arrival of the Augusta, the first motorized yacht built by the Vinyard Shipyards in Milford, Delaware. For the past year and a half, Joan and Sudler Lofland and a dedicated group of craftsmen lovingly restored this craft, making it seaworthy once again. A larger group of folks came out to celebrate this exciting event with the Loflands, who threw a big party on the lawn of their home that sits on the grounds of the shipyard right on the Mispillion River.

According to Downtown Milford, Inc., "Downtown Milford’s crown jewel is the Mispillion Riverwalk, a greenway space designed to preserve the town’s waterfront. Along this walk were once located seven shipyards that produced over 600 wooden sailing ships between 1680 and 1927." To read more about the City of Milford's Shipbuilding history, go to Downtown Milford's website.

The Launching of the Augusta was a momentous occasion for everyone in our fair city, a celebration of the past and also an exciting direction for the future.

The Launching
Click on this link for a video about the Launching of the Augusta.

The Crew Boarding the Augusta

The Augusta in Milford

A display documenting the history of Shipbuilding at the Vinyards Shipyards in Milford

The August - Before Restoration

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