Return to Barcelona 2017! To Las Arenas

On this particular day I decided to walk along Gran Via, the sycamore-lined broad avenue with a pedestrian-only center, to Las Arenas, the former bullring now shopping center to go up to the roof for what I had been told was a beautiful view over the city. With so many fine buildings along the route there was plenty to keep me entertained as I strolled towards my destination. The weather was fine, partly cloudy skies, a perfect day for my adventure.

One of my favorite buildings along Gran Via in Barcelona, The Centre Civic Casa Golfrichs was built in 1901, although it looks much older, for a rich businessman Macari Golferichs by Joan Rubió y Bellver, who worked with Gaudí on several of his buildings including Sagrada Familia.  The building is an intriguing mixture of Art Nouveau, Gothic and Neo-medieval styles. It's now occupied by a civic and cultural center. The following photos show the different views of this lovely structure.

One can take an elevator on the outside or escalators inside to reach the roof 
I chose a restaurant and ordered the risotto with jamon and a glass of Cava

Elevator is shown at the left with walkway to the roof

La Botiga, prettiest of all the restaurants that encircle the roof

One of the views from the top. Views are 360 degrees from the roof!

The converted Las Arenas was inaugurated in March 2011. The building was designed by the British architect Richard Rogers in collaboration with Alonso Balaguer. From the outside you can see the original purpose of the building: Las Arenas was one of three bullfighting arenas in Barcelona. The bullring was opened in 1900. The architect was Augusto Font i Carreras, who also finished the facade of the Cathedral of Barcelona. The bullring was one of his most important buildings. Bullfighting was never a Barcelona affair. It was more frowned upon for political reasons than cultural ones and was long regarded as the "sport" of the Castilian oppressors of the Franco era. One year after Franco's death in 1977, the last bullfight took place in the arena.

I wanted to share these images from along Gran Via...beautiful buildings and colorful grafitti!



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