Returen to Barcelona 2017! Cooking Class

My friend Helena, from Switzerland came to Barcelona to stay with me for a few days and what fun we had! I arranged some tours, we visited important sites and we took a cooking class together at Cooking Barcelona on the Ramblas, near the Boqueria Market. This market literally dates back to the 13th century when farmers from nearby villages set up market stalls in the open air here. 

I had taken a class here on my last visit and enjoyed it so much I wanted to share the experience with Helena. This class was all about making tapas in Catalan style and it began with a tour of the Boqueria, also a shopping expedition to choose the ingredients we would be using in our meal preparation. As my photos show, there is an abundance of every type of food imaginable!! Just looking at the displays is a visual and sensory delight!

Back in the classroom we were each assigned the different tasks of preparing our meal. Wine flowed freely, conservation was lively and we all learned so much! 

The photo essay below shows the progression of our cooking day, from prep to plating and finally enjoying the meal we had prepared together! 

Our menu consisted of:
- Pintxo de Sobrasada - carmelized pears with pieces of salami topped with goat cheese and toasted in the oven
- Andalusian Gazpacho
- Barceloneta Potato Bombs stuffed with meat and other tasty ingredients!
- Mar y Montanya - meatballs with cuttlefish made into a kind of stew

I'll leave it up to you to tell what is what in the photos!

At the Boqueria - this photo and the next

Escriba, famous bakery, this is the front door, pastries in the next 2 images.


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