My Trip to Cuba - Day 5

Muraleando (Proyecto Cultural Muraleandowas my favorite of all the places we visited during my week in Cuba! A cultural center for the community that provides classes in all mediums...drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, music, filmmaking, and more, it started life as an on-the-ground water tank. Abandoned and turned into a garbage dump, it took a dedicated group of artists years to dig it out, removing tons of trash and turning much of it into sculptures and wall art! 

So full of color and texture, it is a feast for the eyes! And the most exciting part is the pride and excitement of the artists working there - volunteers all! We had so much fun! We were led by the most charismatic man, Victor, his smile was contagious and his stories about the place captivated our interest completely. I cannot say enough about the sheer joy I felt surrounded by so much creativity and imaginative work! The music made me want to dance - and dance I did!

If you have the opportunity to visit Havana, do not miss this amazing, people-to-people cultural experience!

Our tour guide and one of the founders, the charming Victor
Arrival and the excitement was palpable
Art made from recycled materials

El Tanque - The tank turned into a community Arts Center!

Art is everywhere

The project started with murals (muraleandos = mural makers)

Artists turned trash into works of art!

Egg, made wit recycled pieces of rusty metal tools and bits

Wall art - Art is everywhere as you can see in this and the following images

We did some printmaking

Interesting instruments!

The lively music made me want to dance!!

Dancing with Manuel Diaz Baldrich, one of the founders

Dinner at Restaurante Criollo


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