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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) - Art Exhibitions and Rooftop Sculpture Gardens at the Grohmann Museum

Top of the Grohmann Museum at MSOE has a rooftop sculpture garden with
a great view of the downtown - Here's a blurb from the Grohmann Museum's website: 
"A dozen large, bronze sculptures – men toiling in the field and foundry, heaving hammers or pinching molten metal with hot tongs – perch on the roof line of the Grohmann Museum. These fellows, each about 9 feet tall and weighing in at a thousand pounds a piece, have a commanding view of a city that was built on the hard work they depict. The commissioned sculptures, replicas of smaller bronzes in the collection, were fabricated in the Philippines through a process called lost-foam casting that transformed them from their original size of about 19-inches to larger-than-life scale. 
Click here to see more.
Bob and Jessica on the roof  
Mosaic on the floor of the entrance to the Grohmann Museum at MSOE
Painting from the Collection: Miners

One of the paintings in the exhibition: Brewers section -
if you want to know more about the collection, click here

Entrance to the Art Exhibit "Man At Work" (apologies for not noting the
names of the painters whose works are shown here. I photographed them
at the same time that I shot the work, but they are too blurry to read!)
Sculpture Garden on top of the Grohmann Museum, part of MSOE
Staircase at the Grohmann Museum -
A sculpture in itself!
The mosaic floor as seen from above
Another Man at Work piece - Railroad workers

Another view from the Rooftop Sculpture Garden
Stained Glass Windows at the Grohmann Museum,
viewable on the roof, through a side window

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Unknown said...

Good to see Bob out & about and with Jessica! Love the architecture in the Bay View neighborhood of Wisconsin. Rosemary, nice job behind the lens!
M. Schiller