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Friday, June 28, 2013

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Mispillion Art League

This workshop was held under the auspices of the Mispillion Art League.
It was a 4-session workshop and we were able to hold 3 days as planned
with one day being rained out and held the following week in downtown Milford.
I had left my camera in Richmond at our son's house and retrieved it
this past weekend so here are the photos I should have posted then. Enjoy!

Watercolor Journaling at Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Journaling at The Towers Bed and Breakfast

at Abbott's Mill
Moonrise and detail of The Towers Bed and Breakfast

Mixing colors using the Niji waterbrush and Winsor Newton Field Kit
Mixing greens - another Winsor Newton travel kit

Painting trees

Adding observations

Sitting on the ground to journal

Tim writing observations at Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Gardens at The Towers Bed and Breakfast

Backyard garden at The Towers
Christopher and David, managers of The Towers

Abbott's Mill Nature Center

More leaves and mixed greens

Journal pages at The Towers

The Tools of the Trade!
These photos were taken by Tim O'Brien (workshop participant) on the last day of this 4-day workshop in downtown Milford, Delaware - a HOT day here!

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