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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Mispillion Art League

Happy Group on the last day of my workshop
Yesterday was the last day of my 4-day workshop at Mispillion Art League. We had great weather all week, and were able to do some journaling outdoors. We went outside and sketched along the Riverwalk in downtown Milford, in the gardens at The Towers Bed and Breakfast on N.W. Front St., and at Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Each day's lesson was intended to provide opportunities to draw from life, to focus and quietly observe the world around them, to play with color and paint, brush and pen, to learn to express themselves with worlds and pictures and to compose interesting pages.

Day 1: Drawing and painting their paint boxes!

Day 1: Getting to know the colors in their paint kits
Since I began teaching these workshops I have done 3-hour sessions, 1-day, 2-day, 3-day and 4-day workshops and one 2-hour "sampler." I try to offer my "student/artists" something they can take away and use, and the confidence to try new things.

My workshops are typically geared to beginners. It's so rewarding for me, to have someone who has never drawn or painted before, come to my workshop and become inspired by watercolor journaling! 

So many of my students come to me and say that they are now "hooked" and can't stop doing it! It has opened a whole new world from some people who never thought they could be artists. Many come back and take my workshops over and over again, fine-tuning their skills, proud of their progress.

Day 2: Hannah sketching flowers on N. Walnut Street
Day 2: Marylou adding details

For me, it's about slowing down in our crazy, busy world and noticing the small things. Sitting quietly staring at a leaf or a flower, noticing the many shades of greens and kinds of leaves on the trees, hearing the sound of birds, feeling the breezes blow across your face. I couldn't say it any better than my friend Paige, who wrote this in her journal:

"...I have learned so much already and it is exciting to see places and colors with new eyes, to capture my thoughts and to rest in the now. It's not about the final product but being present."


Day 3: Watercolor Washes

Day 3: at The Towers Bed and Breakfast
Day 3: Fun with watercolor washes

Day 3: Journaling in the Garden at The Towers

Day 3: Towers day lilies in bloom

Day 3: Paige's journal page that "says it all"
Day 4: Journaling at Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Day 4: Comparing different leaf types

Day 4: Last day's watercolor journals


IJM said...

I found your blog on living in italy and had to read it from the beginning. What a wonderful two years for you both. My husband & I are wanting to move too but I guess my thoughts while reading is were you always planning to return to the US? I am so curious about why you set out to live there for just two years. I loved reading your blog and hope to be able to do the same one day. We are trying to get duel citizenship for my husband so we can stay for an indefinate amount of time. The day has completly gone by and I have enjoyed your blog story. Thank you, Ilene

Bob and Rosemary said...

Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, we always planned to stay 2 years. We never intended to live there permanently because we would be too far from our family. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the blog and wish you well on your own journey.