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Friday, June 29, 2012

Kids Nature Journaling Camp at Mispillion Art League

Lessons on watercolor at Abbott's Mill Nature Center
Bob and I spent the past week with 7 kids, ages 10 through 17 teaching a workshop through Mispillion Art League called "Nature Journaling." It was one of their offerings for summer and we enjoy tag-teaming and working with the kids - even though we need a nap at the end of the day! 

We alternated my teaching them a bit about the watercolor aspect obviously, and Bob, consummate teacher that he is, teaching them how to take better photographs, focusing and understanding what their cameras can do. They all said at the end of the week how much they had learned and how much they enjoyed it. Very rewarding for both of us. 

We spent two days at Abbott's Mill Nature Center, an historic site that includes an old grist mill about 3 miles southwest of downtown Milford. "It has survived in excellent condition as a late nineteenth to an early-twentieth-century mill. There is a Nature Center behind the mill buildings, nature trails also run through the undeveloped land to the rear of the property and workshops, exhibits, walking trails, courses, and other programs are run daily." (Wikipedia) It's one of my favorite places in the Milford area with a friendly, knowledgable staff and a place to really commune with nature. 

I'll let the photos speak for themselves in telling the story of what we did all week. There are still photos in the camera from yesterday, our last day of class, so I'll be adding more as Bob downloads and turns them over to me for these pages.

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