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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Covered Bridges of Bucks County, PA

We were told that Pennsylvania has more covered bridges than any other state, Madison County, notwithstanding. There were at one time about 1500 but the numbers have diminished over the years with just a handful left. We heard many tales about why covered bridges were built, but the most logical is the most practical and easy to believe. They were built to protect the bridges from harsh weather conditions and make them last longer. Unfortunately the ravages of time, fire, wind, and lack of preservation in the past have all contributed to their demise. The few that remain appear to be lovingly cared for and a source of pride to Bucks County, as well as a really lovely way to spend the day, driving through this beautiful area as we did last month when we skipped away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary.

Here's a site I found with lots of interesting facts from a guy named David Hanauer who is quite the Renaissance man, and a covered bridge afficianado.

Here are a few of Bob's covered bridge photos:

Loux Covered Bridge - built of hemlock in 1874, one of the smaller bridges, it spans Cabin Run Creek along Upper River Road, nestled in a small scenic valley.

Erwinna Covered Bridge - county records say it was built in 1832, but the National Historic Register lists it as 1871, at Geigel Hill Rd it's a good example of lattice-type construction and is Bucks County's shortest.

Knecht's Covered Bridge - built in 1873, it crosses Durham Creek and is also known as Slifer's Bridge.

Frankenfield Covered Bridge - one of the longest and most scenic, it crosses Tinicum Creek two miles upstream from where it flows into the Delaware River.

Cabin Run Covered Bridge - built in 1871 it also crosses Cabin Run Creek and is located a short distance from Loux Bridge.

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