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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We have a new President!

What an historic moment this was! Bob and I were glued to the television yesterday, thrilled to witness this exciting day and not wanting to miss a single part of it, from the moment the Obamas left the Blair House and attended church services, had coffee with now former-President George Bush (yeah!!!) and his wife Laura, to the swearing in, his powerful speech (was George visibly squirming in his seat??) and escorted them to the helicopter (never was I so delighted to see a president leave office!!!!) to the parade, when they got out of the "beast" and walked up Pennsylvania Avenue, to the parties last night (OK, I eventually lost interest in the parade and fell asleep long before the parties ended). We are behind this president with so much hope that he and the men and women he has selected for his team, along with the Congress and Senate -- with all the good will of the people can at last work together to find common ground and transform our country, to live up to its promise and truly be a place where every person can secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their children, where there truly is justice for all and where Martin Luther King's dream really does come true. And with this president, at this time, I can imagine the dream becoming a reality. I am filled with hope and joy.

There are much better photos on the internet of this moment, but Bob and I took some shots from the TV and this is one of them:

Here is a link to some great photos of the ceremony on NPR's website.

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Barbara said...

We too are very excited about this new era and watched the ceremonies on TV yesterday. I don't[ know why, but I also took pictures of the TV....guess I just wanted to feel like I was there!