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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Holidays 2008

Happy New Year everyone! Bob and I spent a very quiet night at home watching the festivities in Times Square at midnight, talking with our kids and family and toasting the new year at midnight with a glass of white wine. We had a wonderful Christmas with Jessica here visiting and spending the holiday in Richmond with Chris and Kyla. Here are some of the highlights of our holidays.

Chris and Kyla met Jessica, Bob and I in Washington DC the Saturday before Christmas and she went home with them for a few days. We followed on the 23rd and we all spent Christmas together in Richmond. It was magical!

We visited the U.S. Botanic Garden that had an amazing exhibit of all the historic monuments in DC in miniature, created solely from plant materials, along with a display of toy trains that zoomed above our heads.

Our son Chris

Jess and I having fun in DC

We visited all the war memorials, including the new WWII Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, which is still the most moving, and the Korea War Memorial.

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