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Friday, January 9, 2009

House for Sale in Central Umbria

One of the views of Umbria near San Venanzo (photo by Barbara Skinner)

Our friends Art and Barbara have a wonderful house in the small town of San Venanzo, in the Umbrian Hills. They moved to Italy from Kentucky about two years before we did. But they actually jumped in with both feet, bought a house and became members of their community. This is not one of the more "discovered" hill towns - meaning discovered by tourists - it is a town where Italians live and work, raise their families, go to school, celebrate festivals, grow vegetables, make olive oil and simply live their lives, simply. Art and Barbara have worked to learn the language and make friends and that they have done with abandon! They were the Americans who reached out to us, even before we arrived in Italy, who gave advice freely and generously shared whatever knowledge they had with all of us newcomers. They ARE the welcoming committee for Americans (and all english speakers for that matter) who are lucky enough or brave enough to make this gigantic move, to go and live in Italy.

Their blog Art and Barb Live in Italy documents their day to day living in this lovely setting with views beyond compare. Barbara is also an amazing cook and often posts recipes for all the mouth watering dishes this part of the world is famous for.

They have decided that it is time for other adventures, want to return to the states and are seeking a buyer for their house. You can peruse all of their past blogs on their Archives and see photos of their home and its surroundings by clicking on this link (and a nice little blurb about us too -- thanks Barb!)

We wish them well and hope to see them again either in Italy or here in the states!

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