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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Wyoming (Delaware) Peach Festival

On the first Saturday of every August, the town of Wyoming, Delaware holds a Peach Festival. The day starts with a parade and includes arts & crafts booths, food, entertainment and a peach dessert contest! Streets are closed to traffic and everyone comes out to celebrate! We also went over to Fifer Orchards where the peaches (among many other things!) grow and were treated to free peach ice cream and a browse through their wonderful market.

This colorful band played in front of the old train station

Some of the crafty crafts for sale at the festival

Dolls for sale -- each one unique and different (and scary?)

These homemade contraptions are called Marshmallow Shooters which if you haven't ever seen one, apparently are a really fun - and sticky - way to throw marshmallows at each other. Who knew such a thing existed?

Sophisticated signage for the Peach Festival

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