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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sketching at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

A few artists with the The Mispillion Art League met last night at the home of one of our members for an Open Art session at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Prime Hook, with its 10,000 acres of freshwater and salt marshes, woodlands, grasslands and ponds is a wildlife sanctuary primarily for migratory birds. It provides habitat for "267 species of birds, 35 species of reptiles and amphibians and 36 different mammals" according to their website. Bob & Zelma, fellow artists have a home that overlooks the Refuge and they have been kind enough to allow us to come out and sketch, paint, photograph or whatever, to our hearts content. It was around 6pm when we arrived and by the time we wrapped up our session around 8pm the sun was pretty well set.

I decided to just do some journal sketching and just enjoyed watching the dozens (at least) white egrets that were frolicking in the marshes and the changing colors of the sky. I'll post some photos later but thought I'd show you what I did since I haven't posted any watercolors recently. I haven't done much painting and this was a nice relaxing way to get my hand back in.

The pages from my Moleskin journal with my four small sketches

The individual sketches:

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