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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunflowers! (no, this is NOT Italy!)

Bob had to screech on the brakes when we passed this field of sunflowers on a country road in lower Delaware, not far from where we live!


Barbara said...

Great news! Fields of sunflowers now signify summer for me, and probably for you too...good find!

dt said...

I was reading through your Italian adventure and was trying to find the reason you came back to the States. Were you always planning to come back, or was staying their for good a possibility? Also what would be the minimum amount of monthly funds needed to live there indefineatly in the way you did?



Bob and Rosemary said...

We were always planning on coming back. We have a little granddaughter and want to be a more active part of her life. It's hard to answer your question about minimum funds needed to live there INDEFINITELY in the way we did since we were able to live in places like Sicily and the Amalfi Coast in the off-season and we did not plant ourselves in one place. If we decided to live there permanently we would approach it diffferently. I will tell you that my husband is a retired firefighter - we are not independently wealthy - and we lived on his pension. You can also get really good advice on websites like expatsinitaly and slowtrav.com if this is something you are considering. If you want to discuss this further with us, include your email address in your comment/profile.