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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A quick stop in Chicago

Earlier this summer we drove to Milwaukee to see our son-in-law Nick and pick up some of the boxes he and Jessica had been storing for us while we were in Italy. Jessica is stage-managing summer stock at The Little Theatre in Sullivan, Illinois and we drove down to see her too. On our way we stopped in Chicago for lunch and a walk around this really cool city. The last time we were there it was the dead of winter and we nearly froze to death. The cloudy sky was a bit foreboding but we managed to stay dry long enough to eat outside and then had to run to our car before the rain came pouring down.

A view of Chicago

Very cool sculpture you can walk under and around. The distortions are really fun.

The Chicago Water Tower was built in 1869 of Joliet limestone blocks quarried in Illinois and survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

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bluey_blue said...

I'm envy...you visited Chicago! At one time I remember saying I wanted to live there, but now I've come to terms that I am a Desert Rat :)