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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A few shots from the beaches of Delaware

Hello from Delaware. It's a sizzling 96 degrees F (36.8 C) today with 45% humidity and we're just staying inside with the A/C on! They are predicting rain and I hear some thunder as I write, watching big clouds building outside my window. We stopped at Rehoboth Beach this morning while we were running some errands and we could tell it was going to be a hot one. We've spent a good deal of time at the beach these past few weeks, loving every minute. Even on some days that were a bit foggy. Our son Chris and his girlfriend Lisa came to visit with our granddaughter Kyla for a few days and that was a lot of fun. The waves were a little too rough for her at Rehoboth but she really loved the "quiet beach" at the Delaware Bay in Lewes.

Here are just a sampling of a few of our beach days:

We got to watch the lifeguards compete during the Lifeguard Olympics at Rehoboth Beach

Blue beach chairs on a foggy day - the beach was quite deserted on a foggy, overcast day

Bob is always happiest at the beach

Our granddaugghter Kyla having fun in the sand


RBIRD said...

I read, with much interest and enjoyment, your Italian blog. I found it by typing in Locascio & Baucina. My paternal grandfather was Vincenzo LoCascio. I do know he was a twin and that he came to the U.S. in 1897. Family settled in Brooklyn. We are planning a trip to Sicily this fall and would love some advice on where to go and stay. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ginnie and Keith said...

96 degress and 45% humidity - now there is a change from Arizona. We don't have dry heat - just wet, yucky heat. Welcome back to the East Coast.

Bob and Rosemary said...

If you send us your email address I will be happy to share ideas with you. Otherwise, you can access the Sicily part of our adventure in the Archives of www.livecheapmakeart.blogspot.com - from December 2005 to end of May 2006. My grandmother was a LoCascio! I don't have any knowledge of twins in her family but then every other person from Baucina is a LoCascio! Good luck in your travels!

Bob and Rosemary said...

Ginnie & Keith!
Yes, this is a new adventure for us. It's not the bake oven of Phoenix but at least the nights cool down and my skin is enjoying the himidity!
R & B

RBIRD said...

Bob & Rosemary,
Hi, I wrote you on Aug 13th, and am just realizing you wrote me back. I am definitely not very astute when it comes to blogs. My email address with google is ufbird@gmail.com. We are leaving for Palermo on October 18th and as I said would love any advice. Also, really wanted to know if the people in Baucina speak any English, our Italian is very poor. We are staying 3 days in Palermo and then driving east to Siracusa & Taormina. Thanks. Roberta