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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Delaware Art Museum

My traditional "End of Workshop" Group Photo - they're holding up their favorite pages.

Last Saturday, January 18, 2014 I taught another workshop at Delaware Art Museum. We had a full roster of 12 people signed up with only one "no-show". It was a perfect number for me to be able to go around and help everyone individually and the timing of the lessons generally works out well. The weather was sunny, but windy and quite cold so we did not go outside - except to scurry with coats on to the Museum building to sketch. But not to worry, there were plenty of things to observe and capture in their journals and everyone had a good time and I hope, learned that they can do it and want to continue!

So here is my "photo essay" of the day:

One of the first lessons is to sketch and paint their watercolor kits -
it gives them a chance to put into practice the drawing lessons and to
carefully observe and draw a simple object. They learn that it doesn't
have to be perfect and that they can do it. It is also meant to help them
learn the names of the colors and gives them a chance to play with the
watercolor before we get into any color theory.

This page makes me so happy - happy to see what she wrote!

Some of my favorite books about Watercolor Journaling

Working hard on drawing lessons
Students worked two at a table and it worked out well

On the Chihuly Bridge, blown glass "Persian Window" by Dale Chihuly

Back in the classroom painting their sketches. Photos as reference are OK! 
Adding written observations - just as important as the sketching and watercolor!

Using the Niji Waterbrush - found to be better than other brands that some purchased.
Pottery in the hallway made a good subject for journaling

Observing and capturing the pretty pottery shapes

Inside and out there was no shortage of things to sketch
Journal pages and spreads from the "Inside/Out" Journaling experience. Great job all! 

I'll be teaching again at Delaware Art Museum in April. Check their website for information and to register. Click here for the Studio Classes.

Next up on my agenda is a Watercolor Journaling Workshop on Sunday, February 16, 2014, 10am-4pm. Contact me at 302-359-5534 or email at rosemary@livecheapmakeart.com for further information or to register. Fees are $90 per person. Find materials list on our website http://www.livecheapmakeart.com

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