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Monday, May 20, 2013

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Gallery One, Ocean View, DE

Happy Journalers at the end of the Workshop - My traditional group photo!

Journals - their favorite pages shown

I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop this past weekend - Saturday and Sunday at the beautiful Gallery One in Ocean View, Delaware - the town just next to Bethany Beach, one of Delaware's lovely beach towns. Gallery One, established in 2005, is a fine art gallery owned and operated by a group of local artists from the Maryland/Delaware shore area. Over 22 artists and artisans fill the space with art works and prints from paintings to multi media, glass, photography, pottery, sculpture and textiles. 

They offer workshops in a variety of topics and asked me to do one of my workshops there. Rain threatened the whole weekend, but held off enough for us to go outdoors on Saturday but Sunday was just a bit too drippy for a day outside. No matter, we found tons of inspiration inside the gallery, as the photos will show! Everyone had a good time and I hope, I have inspired them to continue journaling and studying drawing and painting and filling their own journals with their unique observations of the world around them!

The photos below represent the two days we spent surrounded by the fine art of Gallery One's artists. How inspiring! I will let the photos speak for themselves, but you should know that my workshops are geared towards beginners - many never having drawn or painted since childhood. (although more experienced artists take and enjoy my workshops too) I think of these workshops as a introduction to drawing and painting and cover the basics of learning to draw and handling watercolor with a bit of color theory thrown in. 

Gallery One is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue, Ocean View, DE. 302-537-5055

The above two photos show the class working on drawing exercises
My notes, watercolor kits and journals

Prang watercolor kit and Niji waterbrush
This and following photos show me demonstrating and students journaling

The ground below the camelia tree/bush was strewn with dead and dying blossoms - So lovely!

End of first day - taking photos of the journals!

Next photos - color and painting exercises

This and next photos - Shapes exercises inside gallery

5 Minutes of quiet observance and writing

It was a very rewarding day for me as everyone was very excited about what they had done in our two days together at Gallery One, absorbed in quiet observation and working with pen, paper, color. Simple tools that fit in your purse and a way to slow down and notice the world around you. Here's a link to my Workshops page on our website and a list to upcoming classes.

If you or your organization is interested in having me come and teach a workshop, please contact me at rosemary@livecheapmakeart.com or call me at 302-359-5534. We love to travel to new place!

Happy Journaling!

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