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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lavender Fields - Week 3 - Watercolor Journaling Workshop

This morning started out wet and rain threatened as I arrived at the lovely Lavender Fields in Milton, Delaware for session #3 of my 6-week Watercolor Journaling Workshop. MaryAnn, who works there and is also a participant in the class, and I decided that since it looked like the heavens were about to open up, to have the class meet in the gift shop instead of the tea room/classroom. There are so many delightful lavender-oriented things for sale there that I felt there would be ample opportunity for subject matter. But, by the time everyone arrived, it seemed as if the rain was not going to come so soon and I quickly changed gears and set everyone on their way to journaling straight away!

No lesson today, except for two hours of sketching, painting and writing on the beautiful, peaceful grounds of the Lavender Fields. I did as I always do, going around from person to person, helping each one individually as they struggle to capture what they see before them. It is so amazing how well these beginners can do with just a little encouragement and a few helpful tips and demonstrations. It's so exciting and fun to watch the light bulb come on their eyes and the sense of pride at what they are able to do with a little instruction.

Here's my photo essay from today's class:

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