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Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3, 2013, Watercolor Journal pages

Today's entry for my Watercolor Journal:
Our "Star" Tree Topper - it used to belong to Bob's treasured Grandfather, his "Gampy" (Left side of spread)

A few of the "Toy Collection" of ornaments (Right side of spread)

Our holiday decorations are still up and I still feeling like recording some of these little things. The star was Bob's grandfather's that we inherited. It is very special to him because of it. I love the simplicity of the little bright star (a normal light from a string of lights fits inside it creating the glow.)

Each year I have add ornaments, retiring some of the more worn out ones. We still have the hand-made ornaments from our very first tree as a married couple. I was expecting our son and we didn't have much money. I used construction paper and bits of holiday wrapping paper to make our simple ornaments. As the kids grew, each year we made ornaments - bread dough, clay, melted glass beads and the like. Each season I found a few new ones to add to our collection, trying to buy at least 3 for repetition, although there are single or paired ones that grace the tree as well - A collection of hammered tin "melagros" (little miracles), copper sun and moon, my mother's lovely old glass ornaments, miniature gardening tools that remind me of our former garden in Phoenix. One year I bought a series of musical instruments when the kids were studying music in elementary school. We also have a collection of firefighter related ones that represent Bob's years one fire department in Tempe, Arizona.

I think this is probably the last of the Christmas ornament-related entries I will make in my watercolor journal. Maybe. Maybe not. I'll just have to see what grabs me tomorrow morning!

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