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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goal for 2013: Watercolor Journaling every day!

January 1, 2013, left hand side of spread - a few ornaments on our Christmas Tree
For 2013 I've decided that I want to write, draw and paint in my watercolor journals every single day, come what may. My journaling materials and light and easy to carry anywhere I go - mostly I want to do something every morning before breakfast, before showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast or going to the computer. I also would like to spend less time on said computer and more time creating art. I think that putting something in my journal every day will also keep my drawing and observation skills  sharp and enable me to make compositional decisions every day as well. I always try to compose my pages so that my journals have a nice flow and are interesting to look at.

I'd also like to explore making my own journals from papers I love and making the covers durable and still beautiful, without getting too fussy about it. Haven't yet decided what that might be, but exploration is the key word here.

I also want to explore the area we live in more in the coming year. More plein air painting, more visiting cities and towns we've not visited before. To open myself to new possibilities. To say yes to new experiences but also to know when to say no.

And to continue to "live cheap and make art" - I hope you'll want to follow along with me!

Happy New Year everyone - may it be an art-filled one for you as well.


January 1, 2013, right hand side of spread - a few ornaments on our Christmas Tree 

January 2, 2013, left hand side of spread - Ceramic Snowman and Santa Claus 
January 2, 2013, right hand side of spread - "Joy" wood-carved Christmas decoration with wire and bells 

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