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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

As you can see from this photo, we did not suffer much damage from Hurricane Sandy. Lots of rain and wind but the hurricane turned north of us and we, and our little town of Milford, Delaware were spared.

Not so fortunate were folks living in New York and New Jersey who really got the brunt of it.

St. Bart's Church photo - from their website
We've tried to help by adding our donations to those of our neighbors who brought a truck-load of coats, blankets, hats etc in those early days right after the storm.

I thought I'd tell you about one of the things my brother is doing and share it with you. I am not affiliated with St. Bart's Church in NYC, but my brother is a member. Since his semi-retirement he has also become quite a good amateur photographer. I'm really impressed with what he has been doing - he has a great eye for composition and has made some truly remarkable images. He has always been a meticulous and detail oriented person, so it was natural I suppose that after a stellar career in media and technology consulting that he would be good at whatever he put his mind too.  

Well, he approached St. Bart's with the idea of putting together a calendar of photographs of this gem of Byzantine art and architecture as a fundraiser for the church. 50% of all proceeds will go towards helping victims of Hurricane Sandy. The calendar includes photographs by my brother and I believe 3 other photographers/members of St. Bart's. The beautiful calendar he designed is now available for $17 + shipping and handling - Click here for more information.

Here's another link for you, regarding Sandy: ABC News story on Helping Sandy Victims

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Martin said...

Wow the first picture looks like the view from one of my Argentina Apartments after the "sudestada"