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Friday, August 17, 2012

Nature / Watercolor Journaling in Virginia

Traditional end of workshop shot!

At Sunday Park
I had fun teaching a Nature / Watercolor Journaling workshop for my granddaughter and her cousins / friends this past week in Virginia. Using many of the same exercises I employ with adults, I worked with these bright 8 and 9 year-olds for 3 consecutive mornings and I would say that they learned a few things about watercolors and about observing nature up close and recording your observations in a journal with your own words and paintings.
Closing their eyes and listening to nature

Some pages from their journals

Talking about taking care of their art supplies

At Sunday Park, observing and sketching

A "spread" from one of the girls' journals

In Kyla & Bekka's backyard

Listening and observing with eyes closed

Learning to paint clouds

Nature / Watercolor Journaling!

Focused on her writing

Sharing observations

Sitting on the dock, observing the sky and scenery

Talking about creating clouds in watercolor

Journal pages

Now wasn't that fun???

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