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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Watercolor Journaling Workshop at Rehoboth Art League

My reference books for Watercolor Journaling

All last week I taught a workshop at Rehoboth Art League. I published pages from my own journal pages done while I was staying in one of the rooms set aside for "Artists in Residence" and very much enjoyed being able to stay on-site while I was teaching. It allowed me to spend some quiet time by myself and to focus on some of the lovely details of RAL's "Homestead" and do journaling of my own, which I don't normally have a chance to do when I'm teaching. (I'm having some difficulties posting to my blog these days and so the photos aren't exactly in the right order, day by day, but you get the idea. They've changed something in the way things are published and I haven't figured it out yet, so please bear with me if things seem a bit jumbled. sorry!)
Mo's Open Door sketch and copper pot - The Homestead parlor

Joanne painted a hand-knitted sweater that was in The Homestead gallery

Linda noticed that the window formed a "grid" system for painting!

My watercolor kits - I have several different kinds

Cindy working on her color study design

Mo getting creative with the paint drips

Celia's little swan swimming on a pool of blue watercolor!

The class working on one of the exercises

Joanne's still life - "paint bottles and butterfly, color and line"

Linda brought this cute chicken from home to sketch and create a fun still life

Mo made tea and then captured it in her journal

Student journals from our day in "The Homestead" at RAL

Student journals from our day in the gardens at Rehoboth Art League

Mo had fun sitting on the ground sketching in the garden

Pat carefully observing the flower petals on this camelia/rose bush

Day 1, observing and drawing simple shapes

Journaling in the gardens

Pat adding watercolor washes to her sketch

Happy watercolor journalers!
On a rainy day - I bought different leaves in from outside to sketch

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