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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Watercolor: Cinque Terre (a detail)

This is a detail of my newest watercolor of one of the villages in the Cinque Terre. If you want to see the whole painting (30" x 22" on 300 lb Arches cold pressed with deckled edges), come visit me in my Studio - 6 Park Avenue, Milford, DE. I'm in the studio Wednesday - Saturday. 10am-5pm M-W, 10-4 on Saturday. Or call for an appointment: 302-359-5534.

Who knows what village this is? First correct answer on a comment will win a notecard with the above image printed on it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Going to the theatre tonight!

Tickets are still available for this classic play performed by our own Second Street Players! We'll be there tonight at the 8pm show!

This year-round community theater produces shows covering practically every genre. Included in our yearly productions, you will find musicals, dramas, comedies, original works, our Children's Dessert Theatre and cooperative productions with other cultural groups and schools.

The theater is handicapped accessible and we can accommodate the hearing impaired.

Riverfront Theater is located at 2 South Walnut Street on the river in scenic downtown Milford, Delaware.

We've promised ourselves to support this wonderful local theatre so we got season tickets this year. Their recent performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was exceptional. Definitely an asset to "our town" and worth supporting!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bigg Picture Exhibit First Look pARTy!

This exhibition runs from March 4 to June 19 and will include Bob's photograph "Abbott's Mill in Snow." (below) He's in really good company - including Kevin Fleming, former National Geographic photographer and much-acclaimed Delaware artist.

2011 Biggs Picture Exhibition Artists
Marilyn Bauman
Paula Bell
Norman Bell
Anna Bellenger
Jean Bowers
Nancy Breslin
Kathleen Buckalew
Alan Burslem
David Burslem
Paula Camenzind
Linda Chatfield
Patsy Cicala
David Clarke
Malcolm Comstock
Jim Condron
Bob Connelly
Connie Costigan
Aaron Craver
Jocelyn Curtis
Gayle Dolinger
Kevin Fleming
Tom Fluharty
Besty Greer
Mary Lou Griffin
Kerin Hearn
Mark Houlday
Susan S. Johnston
Maria Keane
Jane Koester
Rachel Kozielec
Tracey Landmann
E. Jean Lanyon
Roger Matsumoto
Delores Michels
Jeffrey Todd Moore
Edilu Nehrbas
Aina Nergaard-Nammack
Daniel O'Neill
Richard Ortolano
Mark Pack
Robert Palandrani
Anita Peghini-Räber
Raymond Petersen
Barbara Petterson
Martha Pileggi
Ekaterina Popova
Mary Pritchard
Jarrod Ranney
Steve Rogers
Judy Rolfe
Phillip Scarpone
Karen Schueler
Dianne Shearon
Dale Sheldon
Heather Siple
William Smallwood
Karin Snoots
Linda Steere
Marvin Stone
Cynthia Swanson
Bill Tamburrino
Beth Trepper
Lauren Vanni
Betsey Von Dreele
Jessica Whitehead
Carol Tippit Woolworth
Colleen Zufelt
Carson Zullinger

Thursday morning walk at Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Jason Beale leads weekly Nature Walks walks in the Milford Millponds Nature Preserve at Abbott's Mill Nature Center every week at 8am-9:30. I decided to participate and now I want to try to make it a weekly event for me too. I'm looking forward to observing birds and plants and discovering seasonal changes in the natural world. It's free and fabulous! See you tomorrow?

The pond in the early morning is lovely - geese had been serenely floating just moments before when something spooked them and they all took off. Not being quick enough with my camera I only caught the pond!

Morning light spills into the forest

There is this giant tree that splits into 4 separate trees - it's really amazing! (that's Jason on the right)

Looking up into that tree cluster

Footprints along the path - evidence of critters scampering about

Further evidence of the wildlife that abounds here - Scat (animal droppings!)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Watercolors

I have been hard at work in my Studio these days. In case you were wondering, I keep regular hours - Wednesday and Thursday 10am to 5pm, Friday till 6 and Saturday till 4. These are the same hours as the Mispillion Art League and many of the shops in the downtown. Some are also open on Tuesdays but most everything is closed on Sunday and Monday. So then I consider Sunday, Monday and Tuesday my "days off" and I don't feel guilty not to be painting.

I absolutely love working in the studio and also just being in the downtown. We only live five minutes away, but it's not like I can look out my window and see the main street or the Riverwalk at home like I can from my north-facing studio window! I like working surrounded by other artists and it's a really great group of people.

I'd like to share some of the watercolors I've been working on. Two are finished and one is still in progress and needs some work. I'd love to hear your comments!

Flower Festival, Spello 15" x 11" (a quarter sheet of Arches cold press 300lb)

Pink Geraniums 22" x 15" (a half sheet of Arches cold press 300lb paper)

This one I am still working on but I thought I'd share it at this stage and then show it to you when it's all done: Figs! 30" x 22" (a full sheet of Arches cold press 300lb)

I'm also just about finished with another large painting of one of the Cinque Terra towns. I'm very excited about this one and I tried to photograph it but it didn't turn out well so I'll have to have Bob do it for me so I can share it with you.

That's it for now. Couldn't sleep (it's 2am!) so here I am posting to the blog! Maybe getting a little sleepy too.
Buona notte.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bob's photo was selected for Biggs Picture 2011!

Abbott's Mill in Snow

We are proud to announce that Bob's photograph "Abbott's Mill in Snow" was selected from nearly 300 entries from over 100 individual applicants. Only 73 works were selected to be included in the exhibition.

Open March 4 - June 19, 2011
"The Biggs Picture exhibition features paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, craft, video and any artistic medium by regional landscape artists. This juried competition asked artist contestants to interpret the theme of “Landscape.” Chosen works successfully interpret the theme of “Landscape” with the finest examples of their media and fit within one of three, landscape sub-themes."

"Making Art in Italy" MAL Third Thursdays talk

On the third Thursday of every month the Mispillion Art League presents an Art Talk in the classroom of its gallery on North Walnut Street in downtown Milford. Since they recently received a grant for a state-of-the-art A/V system, they asked us if we would give a presentation on our experiences in Italy. Always happy to talk about it, we agreed and spent a little more than an hour showing Bob's photographs and my watercolors and talking about our two-year adventure in Italy.

We spoke in front of a standing-room-only crowd. Refreshments treated our guests to a "taste of Italy" with slow-roasted tomatoes and Italian bread (from our local Bread and Butter Bakery), salami and cheeses, Sicilian pizza (from our favorite, Mama Maria), red and white wine served in my ceramic pitchers from Sicily and two different flavors of biscotti to top it all off. Traditional Napolitan music played as folks poured into the gallery and perused my journals and other memorabilia on display. The night was cold but the atmosphere in the room was definitely focused on sunny Italy and I am happy to say, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!

We thank our local newspapers for the terrific coverage - the Milford Chronicle posted it prior to our talk and followed up with a very flattering review and Milford Live gave us a very nice review as well. MAL's Marketing team did a great job of getting the word out and we appreciate all their efforts.

Photographs are courtesy of April Abel

Guests enjoying a "taste of Italy" before the presentation

A standing-room only crowd gathered to hear our talk

Sharon Hepford, league president introduced us

Bob and I getting started (before we turned out the lights!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 3/50 Project

Some of you may have noticed the "3/50 project" button on the left side of our blog. I thought if you hadn't clicked on it see what it was all about I would tell you a little bit and maybe you would then be tempted to learn more about it. If that's the case, you can click here or on the button at left for the whole scoop.

Briefly, the 3/50 project was founded by a woman named Cinda Baxter, a retail consultant and professional speaker whose mision is to strengthen independent brick and mortar businesses - that is, the locally owned and operated businesses in your home town. If you read the flyer below, you will learn that for every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community while if you spend it in a national chain, only $43 stays here. Spending it online (unless it's a website by a local company!), nothing comes home.

So, I hope you will read the flyer here and support your local businesses. They are your friends and neighbors and what makes your hometown unique and special.