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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bigg Picture Exhibit First Look pARTy!

This exhibition runs from March 4 to June 19 and will include Bob's photograph "Abbott's Mill in Snow." (below) He's in really good company - including Kevin Fleming, former National Geographic photographer and much-acclaimed Delaware artist.

2011 Biggs Picture Exhibition Artists
Marilyn Bauman
Paula Bell
Norman Bell
Anna Bellenger
Jean Bowers
Nancy Breslin
Kathleen Buckalew
Alan Burslem
David Burslem
Paula Camenzind
Linda Chatfield
Patsy Cicala
David Clarke
Malcolm Comstock
Jim Condron
Bob Connelly
Connie Costigan
Aaron Craver
Jocelyn Curtis
Gayle Dolinger
Kevin Fleming
Tom Fluharty
Besty Greer
Mary Lou Griffin
Kerin Hearn
Mark Houlday
Susan S. Johnston
Maria Keane
Jane Koester
Rachel Kozielec
Tracey Landmann
E. Jean Lanyon
Roger Matsumoto
Delores Michels
Jeffrey Todd Moore
Edilu Nehrbas
Aina Nergaard-Nammack
Daniel O'Neill
Richard Ortolano
Mark Pack
Robert Palandrani
Anita Peghini-Räber
Raymond Petersen
Barbara Petterson
Martha Pileggi
Ekaterina Popova
Mary Pritchard
Jarrod Ranney
Steve Rogers
Judy Rolfe
Phillip Scarpone
Karen Schueler
Dianne Shearon
Dale Sheldon
Heather Siple
William Smallwood
Karin Snoots
Linda Steere
Marvin Stone
Cynthia Swanson
Bill Tamburrino
Beth Trepper
Lauren Vanni
Betsey Von Dreele
Jessica Whitehead
Carol Tippit Woolworth
Colleen Zufelt
Carson Zullinger

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