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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursday morning walk at Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Jason Beale leads weekly Nature Walks walks in the Milford Millponds Nature Preserve at Abbott's Mill Nature Center every week at 8am-9:30. I decided to participate and now I want to try to make it a weekly event for me too. I'm looking forward to observing birds and plants and discovering seasonal changes in the natural world. It's free and fabulous! See you tomorrow?

The pond in the early morning is lovely - geese had been serenely floating just moments before when something spooked them and they all took off. Not being quick enough with my camera I only caught the pond!

Morning light spills into the forest

There is this giant tree that splits into 4 separate trees - it's really amazing! (that's Jason on the right)

Looking up into that tree cluster

Footprints along the path - evidence of critters scampering about

Further evidence of the wildlife that abounds here - Scat (animal droppings!)

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