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Sunday, August 28, 2011

We heading for Decatur!

The Decatur Area Arts Council designed, printed and distributed 1000 postcards for our exhibit, announced it in their 4000 mailing newsletter, on radio and TV. We were even interviewed by James Vorel for the Herald & Review, a local paper in Decatur about our upcoming exhibit!

Decatur is about 180 miles southwest of Chicago, 45 miles east of Springfield, and about 800 miles west of Milford. We were introduced to Sue Powell, the director of the Decatur Area Arts Council by a friend of our daughter who suggested we show her our work. Sue asked us for a disc of our images, we sent them, she offered us a show and we accepted! We've been getting ready for this exhibit - a joint exhibit of 25 of my paintings and 25 of Bob's photographs - for about the last year.

I am also scheduled to teach a Watercolor Journaling Workshop Oct 1, when we return to Decatur to take-down the show at the end of its run.

If you know anyone in the Decatur area, please pass this information on to them!

Wish us luck!
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