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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Breathe, Create, Nourish, Watercolor Journaling and Yoga Workshop, Vinyard Shipyard, Milford DE

The air in the early morning was still slightly cool with a nice breeze coming off the river that shone like glass. Gwen and I prepared the lawn and the porch, setting up chairs for her Yoga class and arranging things for my Watercolor Journaling. Everyone showed up on time and we wove the Yoga into Journaling, with lunch from Abbott's Grill topping off the day.

At the end, everyone shared what they had done and went away happy and full. Filled with creativity and nourishment - from the gently yoga poses that stretched the body and quieted the mind, to the watercolor journaling that absorbed the mind and touched the heart, to the very ample lunch that stimulated our taste buds and filled our hungry tummies. (sorry, no photos of the lunch - I guess we were all too hungry to take photos! Abbott's Grill created a delightfully yummy spinach wrap with chicken salad and a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie!)

We started the day with Yoga and a nice breeze off the River

Gentle Stretching

Then, on the porch, Introductions all around - think I had a Yoga "buzz" on!

Getting to know each other

Leslie's tree

Linda's river scene

Joan sharing her watercolor journal page - this old Wood Plane ( the subject of my lesson) - came from the Machine Shop

Gwen led our second Yoga session, after our first Watercolor Journaling Session

Yoga along the Mispillion River

Sudler with "Kismet" - originally built at the Vinyard Shipyards, brought home and lovingly restored by the Loflands

Rosemary and Sher in the Machine Shop

With Leslie at the Machine Shop door

With Leslie at the other The Machine Shop door

Jim's boat

Marylou's journal page - she composed a Haiku (poem)!

Joan's scale - a favorite artifact of hers

Journals - sharing the day's work

Next up is "Sketch, Cook, Enjoy" - this time combining Watercolor Journaling with a Cooking Class at Abbott's Grill Saturday, August 27, 8:30 - 1pm! You can register on our website for the Watercolor Journaling portion and on Abbott's website for the Cooking Class.

Eat your Art Out!

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