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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Comes to Delaware

We had such a fun weekend! Chris and his cousin Chrissy (they are months apart in age) planned a visit that would bring Chris and Kyla from Richmond and Chrissy and her husband and two children, along with her sister Celeste and her partner Julie from New Jersey and New York, to Delaware to meet up at our house. The "girls," Chrissy and Celeste are my cousin Anthony's daughters and very special to me. Anthony passed away from cancer a number of years ago now and we all miss him. The girls and Chris spent the first few years of their lives together during visits at my Mom's house in New York but only saw each other occasionally once we moved to Arizona. But then Chris lived in New York for a time and they became friends, hung out together and became quite close. Now that they both have daughters it's so much fun to know that the family connections are alive and well. Getting their daughters to know each other means a continued family closeness that means a lot to me and them.

After lunch at our house on Saturday I had to take them all downtown for dessert at Dolce and then a visit to my Studio! Kyla and Lexi had a great time painting with my paints and created several works of art. Lexi went home with a pile of paintings while Kyla opted to leave hers on my art wall where you can see them if you come to visit!

Kyla painting an apple still life

Lexi loved painting in my studio

Livi just wanted to run around!

Kyla at Dolce - sweets for the sweet!

Chrissy and her daughter Lexi trying out my watercolors

Chris and Kyla by the window in my studio

Celeste checking out the prints in Studio i

My cousin Anthony - we miss him very much

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